Rumors confirmed with YotaPhone 2 release


YotaPhone 2

The Russian company Yota Devices didn’t disappoint the fens of hybrid gadgets and shows off its new YotaPhone 2. With this move the firm confirms earlier rumors, that the new smartphone will hit the market in early December.

YotaPhone is a unique handset that combines two types of screen. On the front the device have a traditional LCD display, but in the back it have an e-ink one. The purpose of the second display is to  save energy and improve battery life of the smartphone. As the rumors suggested the new YotaPhone 2 has an touch screen enabled e-ink display.

The e-ink power of YotaPhone 2

The main rumor confirmed after the debut of the new device is its 4.7 fully touch enabled e-ink screen. Unlike the previous model the new YotaPhone 2 comes with more functionality of its second display. Now the users can use it for an effective e-reader, always on weather and notification display, as typing messages and making calls. And all this without using your power hungry AMOLED display. The e-ink screen has an impressive refresh rate of 0.12 seconds.

The double display usage can bring up the battery life up to more than 48 hours and if you restrict the usage only to the e-ink screen you have the impressive 5 days with a single charge. What was the charger for again?

The YotaPhone 2 is 4G enabled and with e-ink browsing its battery can stand for more than a 24 hours. Most smartphones with 4G capabilities will have about 8 to 12 hours before to run out of juice.

The new hybrid smartphone runs Android 4.4 but soon it will be possible for 5.0 upgrade, as the rumors suggested. Also confirms that YotaPhone 2 will come with a little bit older Snapdragon  800 CPU.

The price of energy efficiency

But as in most areas if you want to be in the digital era and in the same time to be energy efficient you need to have deep pockets. The biggest drawback is the price – 699€ for Europe. This is expensive and the extra money are for the e-ink display.

This drive the costs up, but still the device is quite impressive. Nevertheless the second e-paper screen is a little bit slower in compression to the AMOLED display, but it is normal and expected because of the nature of the e-ink technology.

Image Credit: Yota Devices

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