Rumors suggested more minor changes in iOS 9


iPhone 5 iOS 9If you expecting a big leaps in iOS 9 brace to be disappointed. The latest rumors suggested more minor tweaks and updates to the Apple’s mobile platform.

The new reports from 9to5Mac pointed for putting more emphasis on improving stability and optimizing the OS rather than introducing radical new features. According to the rumors Apple will be “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance”. The last two versions, including the current one, of the mobile system were a major overhaul of the platform with introducing a ton of new apps and features.

Shrinking the iOS 9

But those changes took a big toll – it reduced the overall performance of the mobile devices. Especially on the phones which are not using the new 64-bit A8 processor. This lead to lot of complaints from Apple’s customers. And now the company from Cupertino will dedicated “huge” effort to do this in the new iOS 9.

The most interesting feature allegedly be the shrinking the size of the operating system. This is a good news for the owners of 16GB devices – they will have more space to spare for apps, music and video.

The speculated unlocks

There aren’t too much details for the changes yet. Speculations vary – some suggested that iOS 9 will give access to third-party developers to Siri and the NFC chip. For now both features are locked to Apple only. For unlocking Siri we are skeptical, but the voice-assistant looses its blossom and it is possible for such move to return it back in the front rows.

NFC unlocking will open tons of new possibilities to the developers. Apple lock the chip for two reasons – improving security and cut off competitors of its Apple Pay. The company can assure that there will be no competitor in the mobile payments in the iOS 9 simply by rejecting all kinds of such apps. So there is a possibility for such move.

Cutting off iPhone 5 family?

Another big question is will Apple cut off support for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? It will make developers life easier with reducing the screen size factor by one. Now Apple has whole three types of smartphone screens – 4, 4.7 and 5.5-inches. Also it will make all iOS 9 supported devices to be run only on a 64-bit chips.

Optimizing the system in iOS 9 will have some benefits, not only the more space in the phone’s storage. The lighter the OS – the better will be the battery life, especially in idle mode. Also it will make the heavier apps to run smoother.

Maybe there will be some new or updated apps and features, but for now there are no indicators that Apple is cooking something big for iOS 9.

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