Rumors to watch at Windows 10 event

One Microsoft Way Windows 10 event
Rumors to watch at Windows 10 event

Day before Microsoft to hold its Windows 10 event there are a lot of rumors to watch for. Which one of them will be confirmed by the software giant and which will be busted in the blender? Those are the questions that Microsoft need to answer in its press event in Wednesday.

More like a Windows 10 event

According to the preliminary information tomorrow’s event will be focused more on the new operating system, that Microsoft is currently preparing. So most of the leaks are related to it. And it will not be wrong to call it Windows 10 event.

The first thing will be to see more details about the redesign Start menu. The Windows 10 event also may reveal the new Notifications center and the introduction of Cortana – the voice assistant from Windows Phone 8.1. It is interesting to see how this traditional mobile features are incorporated into desktop version.

In the first Windows 10 event in September Microsoft only hinted few capabilities without showing to much details. One of it is a creating a single store and truly multi-platform apps. Creating universal UI and digital environment for programs to run smoothly on PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs and even smartwatches. One of the steps forward to this concept is introducing a virtual desktops which can run both legacy and new apps to the PC/tablet.

Also Microsoft needs to lid a little bit the concept of Continuum interface which transforms the UI from more traditional mouse/keyboard controls to more touch-screen friendly ones.

Or mobile Windows 10 event

In September, Microsoft only showed the PC functions and some of the tablet ones. The software giant only hinted the more tight integration and capabilities for running the same (or at least with the same base) operating system into smartphones, smartwatches and TVs. So Microsoft may introduce more mobile apps and function build into Windows 10. Like Lumia Photo app and etc.

One Windows may rule them all and it is very likely for Microsoft to demonstrate this thing tomorrow.

XBox, VR and Spartan

For sure tomorrow’s presentation will be a Windows 10 event. But it is possible to see new things which maybe will not be directly related to the new operating system. But the link between every Microsoft’s product and service with it will be inevitable. For instance is the question about the future of the gaming console XBox. There are some rumors pointed that Microsoft plans for more tight integration and cross-platforming the PC and XBox One games. It is something that lot of gamers are praying for, but there are a lot of uncertainty.

Next one is the intensifying rumors that Microsoft is developing a Virtual Reality headset to counter Sony, Samsung and Facebook (as the owner of Oculus Rift). It is time for the software giant to introduce such device and possibilities and to put the company into the VR race.

The last, but not the least is the waited showcase of the new Spartan Browser. There are a lot of hints about the development of Spartan – a new lightweight browser which is aimed to tackle the Firefox and Chrome.

With very tiny chance of appearance is the possible presentation of a new Lumia flagship. In December was rumored a possible release of Lumia 1030 or Lumia 1330 with some tech specs and even photo leaks. But it is more likely for Microsoft to save this event for Windows 10 and leave the smartphone debuts for MWC in Barcelona in March.

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