Samsung Galaxy S6 may have metal case


samsung galaxy s6 metal case

The rumors for the Samsung’s new flagship are flooding the Web. The latest pointed out that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 may feature an aluminum casing.

The French website obtained some photos which they claimed are images of the casing next South Korean premium smartphone. They showed off aluminum rectangular cases. If those images are not fake, this could leave to some conclusions.

First – Samsung is ditching the plastic at last and goes for the metal cases and finishes to its Galaxy S6. But also this puts in question some previous rumors for the device. The last report suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may have C-shape curve screen. The photographed cases are straight with no machinery bending so it is very unlikely to host such display.

This photos also dismissed the speculations, for a traditional plastic finishing.

Still with only the casing it isn’t possible to guess if the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have one or two sided curved screen on the side, like the Galaxy Edge.

But those images can be also fake as those showing a more traditional approach with bigger screen and plastic case.

The logical suggestions are that Samsung needs a new flagship hit, which to return the company to growth both in sales and in profits. The metal body is one of the things which consumers are now looking in the new premium smartphones. The camera also becomes a new trend, so we may expect some buff in it.

Samsung also needs a differentiating element in its devices. The Galaxy Edge only hints the way, but still it is a boutique handset for now. And for now there are no hard evidence in which direction will South Korean company goes to stand out from the crowd.

Along side with the leaked photos, there are more rumors about the tech specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to the latest reports it will use 64-bit octa-core Exynos or Snapdragon 810 CPU. This will give the tech company edge against Apple and their 64-bit A8 chip. Also the new flagship will have 3GB of RAM and the storage option will range from 32 to 128 GB. It is expected to have either a modified 16MP camera from the S5 or a new buffed 20MP one.

Plausibility for the photo leak – 45%

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