Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors (round up)


Samsung galaxy s6 rumors samsung galaxy s5

After the frenzy with the iPhone 7 speculations, there has been a lot of new Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors, some possibly fake, others – makes much more sense. In the last month speculations start to pump out and the Web start to crawl with some leaks.

The most reports are about the display – will it be curved, edged, both or… just ordinary?

The experts are eager to see some innovation from Samsung and to come with some differentiator from other handset makers to retain in its leadership in the smartphone segment. The Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to gain the needed attention so the new awaited flagship needs to catch the user’s hearts.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors in the past month are focused more on the innovations regarded primarily the form and type of the display.

The foldable display

Will it have foldable or curved in some way is the main question. The idea that the new Samsung’s flagship will have foldable display comes in the late November. The rumor was expected that the company may show a device with foldable to two or three parts screen which can make it more compact. Samsung is working for a quite a lot of time with the idea of curved or foldable screens. But it doesn’t release a device with such display (we are not counting the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge), unlike LG which has one smartphone with curved screen.

According to the speculations Samsung will start mass production of fldable screens in the early 2015. But for now the expectations for showing off a device to the end of 2014 with such tech specs are not become reality. But still this spurs a round of rumors that the new Galaxy S6 will have some type of foldable or curved screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors with Edge tech

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors Galaxy Note Edge
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge dilemma

Samsung launched one of the most interesting devices this year – the Galaxy Edge. It has a curved screen on the left edge of the screen. It can be used as a row of touch screen buttons and control panel. Looks like the South Korean tech giant finds its differentiator. And this make new wave of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors which predict that the new device may have one or even two edged screen. Or at least a model with this type of screen. This is very plausible, but for now there are no hard evidence or leaks to confirm that.

The edged displays could be intriguing for the tech geeks, but also could restrain the ordinary consumers to buy the smartphone. And we must not forget that this technology is a little bit expensive.

The leaked photos

In December there had been two big photo leaks which both claims that there are connected with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Fake photo of samsung galaxy s6

The first one presumably showed a prototype of the next flagship. It was similar to the current model the Galaxy S5, but with a bigger screen. And for this the blogs went viral that Samsung is not working on something innovative and just slightly upgrade its flagship. But it seems that this photo was fake. It was (almost 90% for sure) just a photoshoped Galaxy S5 to look like a new device.

samsung galaxy s6 metal case

The second leak of images featured a metal aluminum casing which are presumptive bodies of the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Still there is no confirmation of the photos, or evidence that they are fake. But they suggested that Samsung may introduce an aluminum body for its new flagship. This is very likely, because most of the strongest competitors starts to introduce such features to their handsets.

And also if those Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors are true – they dismissed the previous ones for a curved or foldable screens. It still make possible to have an Edge technology. But still it is a wild guessing.

Galaxy S6 rumors for the tech specs

Along side with the leaked photos, there are more rumors about the tech specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to the latest reports it will use 64-bit octa-core Exynos or Snapdragon 810 CPU. This will give the tech company edge against Apple and their 64-bit A8 chip. Also the new flagship will have 3GB of RAM and the storage option will range from 32 to 128 GB. It is expected to have either a modified 16MP camera from the S5 or a new buffed 20MP one.

The release date? It is rumored that Samsung may show its new smartphone in CES in Las Vegas in January. But according to a new report from Business Insider, quoting close sources to the company, the tech giant will focus more on TV and other consumers electronics during CES. So it is possible that we may see the new Samsung Galaxy S6 ready for the MWC in Barcelona which it is schedule for March.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns (CC)

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