Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors round up


After the heated autumn with a plenty of good smartphones releases everyone are looking forward for what Samsung is holding for its Galaxy S6. We saw a rain of beautiful devices like Apple’s iPhone 6, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 and Nokia Lumia 930. And the logical question is – what the new flagship from the Samsung’s Galaxy will offer? And more importantly – when? We put most of the rumors into the blender for round up.


For the second question there is no concrete answer. The most obvious question is that it will not be released this year. Samsung prefers the traditional strategy to release only one flagship smartphone per year. The South Korean current model Galaxy S5 hit the shelves from April 2014 and the Galaxy Note 4 just arrived in the past month. So it is unlikely to see Galaxy S6 to the end of this year and the most plausible date for showing to the public is around the big consumers shows in the beginning of the next year – CES or MWC. Most probably it will be in Barcelona for MWC. Samsung previously showed off its previous Galaxy flagships in the Spanish city. But for now there is no official confirmation for this.

The Specs

The first question about what will the Galaxy S6 will feature is also murky and foggy. We have a little bit more unofficial information than the last wave of speculations. The most plausible is the Samsung’s tradition and favorable technology to use SuperAMOLED screen. Because the competition already pushed for bigger displays the S5’s 5.1-inches screen will be as large as 5.5-inches to match the rival models. Expectations are for Quad HD (1440 x 2560) or 4K resolution (2160 x 3840). The first is already deployed in the Galaxy Note 4, but it 4K is not to be underestimate too.

A little bit not plausible are rumors for curved or flexible display which Samsung is developing for some time and we saw in the Galaxy Round smartphone. But the advantages of such screens are still under question so it is possible that the company may drop such feature for Galaxy S6.

The plastic is a negative trade mark for Samsung and Galaxy series. Because most smartphone makers went to aluminum frames and back covers, so it is expected to see more metal in the S6’s shell. South Korean company already use a aluminum frame for its Galaxy Alpha and it is plausible to see it in the Galaxy S6. A little bit fantastic rumors suggest that Samsung will use graphene but this material is still in early stages of development and for now its very hard to be manufactured in big quantities. So don’t count on that.

Other obvious features are the Android 5.0 Lollipop platform. Samsung will stick to Google’s mobile OS for sure and it will have enough time to add its TouchWiz interface to the new device.

Galaxy S6 most probably will catch the 64-bit processor wave and the first chips for Android are expected in the first half of 2015. You still believe in coincidences?

The last, but not the least is the camera. The rumors suggests that Samsung will buff it a little bit. The possibilities are to retain the 16MP resolution, but to have some improvements or to try catch Sony with 20MP (still no one can touch Nokia with their monster PureView 41MP camera).

Image Credit: Samsung Österreich

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