Samsung surprised with Double Edged Galaxy S6


Double edged Galaxy S6 EdgeSamsung surprised the tech world as it unveiled a double edged Galaxy S6. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona the South Korean company shown two models as expected – traditional flat smartphone and a model with curved screen on both edges. The second version was expected to be curved only on the one side, but this time Samsung surprised the audience. So meet the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge the new flagships from Samsung.

Samsung’s double edged Galaxy S6

While the more ordinary flat Galaxy S6 looks more like a copy or at least “inspired” by the iPhone 6, its “edge” brother stole the show in Barcelona. The double edged Galaxy S6 has more distinct look. It has unique design, as fat a lot of people doubted for the double curved screen on the sides. Like Note Edge the sides could be used as additional panel. One of the unveiled feature is to place up to five frequently used contacts. Also it can be set to show the time and weather  forecast, when it is in stand by mode.

Samsung showcased only few possibilities of the new double edged screen. And for this the both curves looks more like a design feature rather than a practical one. Still the double edged Galaxy S6 can give additional possibilities and customization in the future.

The rumors about double edged Galaxy S6 circled for some time, but because of no apparent usage were dismissed from most experts. And Samsung were made a good job of keeping it in secret, as all leaks or press materials prior the event suggested for only one sided curve rather than two. Still this was the best and distinctive feature of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

No Snapdragon this time

Like the reports for two models another rumor was confirmed. Samsung officially ditched Qualcomm’s processors for its premium handsets. The South Korean manufacturer is now relying on its own home brewed chipsets Exynos 7420. It is a octacore processors with one quad-core 1.5 GHz and 2.1 GHz units with 64-bit architecture. The previous rumors suggested that Samsung will not use the new 64-bit Snapdragon 810 made by Qualcomm. The American chipmaker even hinted such rift between the two companies as it announced that a “big client is moving away” from its CPUs.

Other previously leaked and confirmed features are the 5.1-inch screen and the aluminum casing with two tone coloring. The display has a lot of pixel density – 577 ppi, as the resolution is 1440 x 2560. Both the double edged Galaxy S6 and the traditional one will be compatible with the Samsung’s VR Gear – the virtual reality headset. The available colors are: White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz.

The new devices will be based on Android 5.0.1. Lollipop.

Mobile payments and wireless charging

Both new models will includes mobile payments called Samsung Pay. It will use the technology from LoopPay which allows every shop with standart magnetic card swipe to become NFC terminal. We were a little bit skeptical about implementing this technology, but Samsung is obviously try to catch up with Apple.

Another pleasant surprise is the build in wireless charging ability for both new Galaxy S6s. Samsung said the new smartphones are compatible with the two most used inductive charging standards – both from WPC and PMA. The new models are charging their batteries twice faster as the iPhone 6.

Double edged Galaxy S6 Edge

Camera and pricing

Samsung tweak a little bit the camera in the new models – improving the low light shootings. But essentially it not upgrade it to 20MP as rumored, but leave it with the 16MP.

The pricing is a little bit more interesting. Samsung didn’t provide details about the pricing of the new phones. Only announced for the release date – the Galaxy S6 and the double edged Galaxy S6 Edge will hit the shelves at April 10.

During MWC in Barcelona the prices leaked, or at least the European ones. The SamMobile obtained a list for the different models:

  • 32GB Galaxy S6 — €699
  • 64GB Galaxy S6 — €799
  • 128GB Galaxy S6 — €899
  • 32GB Galaxy S6 edge — €849
  • 64GB Galaxy S6 edge — €949
  • 128GB Galaxy S6 edge — €1,049

As expected the double edged Galaxy S6 will cost significantly more that the normal flat one. The differences between the comparable models will be 150€. And the 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge will cost as high as a good laptop – that is spicy. This is expected so there is a big chance for this pricing to be accurate.

Image Credit:  Samsung

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