Smartphone rumors busted in CES 2015

CES 2015 busted smartphone rumors
Smartphone rumors busted in CES 2015

One of the biggest annual tech events in the year – Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas is almost over. And it brought a lot of disappointment after the leading tech giants didn’t push the level in the smartphone area as some expected.

The only new high-end handset that was revealed during the CES 2015 was the LG’s G Flex 2 with curved screen.

The long awaited flagships from Samsung, HTC and Sony never make it to Las Vegas. And logically the tech giants are saving them for the early March when is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

But most rumors surrounding the new high-end handsets was suggested that there is a big chance to see them in CES 2015. So here is a fast recap of the busted speculations about flagship smartphones which was expected to debut in Las Vegas show.

Samsung on the Edge in CES 2015

One of the biggest disappointments in CES 2015 was the absence of a new and innovative flagship smartphone from the current market leader Samsung. The South Korean company relied on the already announced Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge for its high-end handsets.

The expectations were that the next Galaxy S6 would debut in CES 2015, but Samsung preferred to wait until MWC.  So for now the wave of rumors surrounding the smartphone are yet to be confirmed. And instead to focus on smartphones Samsung choose to unveil new TV’s and to talk about Internet of things.

No Xperia Z4 from Sony

Sony also played save and focused more on other technologies rather on mobile. The Japanese company didn’t brouhgt new high-end devices under the Xperia brand in CES 2015. The rumors suggested that Sony may expand the portfolio of smartphones and tablets and to enter in a larger form factors in both categories.

Actually they were no significant indicators that Sony will reveal its new flagship mobile devices in CES 2015. The expectations were more for the MWC so it isn’t true busted rumors.

HTC against the leaks

One of the most probable rumors before CES 2015 was that HTC may present its new flagship in Las Vegas. The speculations were reinforced by couple of leaks – which showed a press render and the front panel of the new device HTC One M9. This fueled the presumptions that the Taiwanese company is preparing the new flagship to show it on CES 2015. But HTC only brought the mid-range Desire 826 in Las Vegas.

There are two reasons why we saw so few high-end smartphones in CES 2015. The first one is that the companies preferred to make the launch of their flagship devices in Barcelona.

The second reason is the delay of the new 64-bit processor from Snapdragon. There are some reports that the chipmaker has problems with the new CPU and it is possible that the tech companies waits until it resolve the issues.

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