Sony prepares 12 inch Xperia Z4 tablet


Sony maybe is preparing a 12 inch tablet which will be ready for the next year. According to the last speculations it will be called Xperia Z4 and it will be the biggest mobile device released from Sony to date. The current Xperia Z3 tablet has only 8 inches screen. There is no official confirmation but if the rumors are correct that it means we may see a big wave of 12+inches tablets in 2015.

Prepared for gaming

If the reports are right the new Sony Xperia Z4 will be focused more on multimedia and gaming like the current flagship smartphones and tablets from the Japanese company. For this purpose it is expected to have a fast GPU and a powerful processor. For now there are no information for more detail tech specs or even what operating system will use. Sony may continue to use Android, but it also may jump to a Windows because of the increased productivity that gives it the Microsoft’s OS and larger screen.

Rhe rumors pointed out that Sony will announce its new tablet pretty soon. But usually when the Japanese giant revealed a new product it takes time to hit the shelves. Sometimes it is a very long period. So we must not expected the new Xperia Z4 to be available for sale this year. And this means that it is very plausible to be available in 2015.

The large screen tablet invasion

In the past year consumers shown interest in a larger screen tablets. Microsoft’s Surface 3 has 12 inches display and it started to attract users. Toshiba starts to sell its bigger convertable tablet and we have similar offerings from Lenovo. Despite the fact that Apple didn’t confirm the rumors for 12-inches iPad the speculations for such release are still continuing.

The larger screen tablets are preferable for corporate users who wants to combine tablet and laptop in one and in the same time to keep high productivity. Also bigger screens means better gaming and watching videos, but devices with more than 10 inches are hard to be held by one hand – which means harder to read books on the move for example.

For now there isn’t enough information about the plausible Xperia Z4 so don’t prepare your money just yet.

Plausibility – 50%

Image Credit: Sony, Xperia Z3 tablet

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