Sony prepares e-paper smartwatch


Sony is preparing an e-paper smartwatch which will be available as soon as the next year. It will be a test to the new company’s approach for more opportunistic moves and experimenting with new devices.

According to the rumors the new e-paper smartwatch will be made from a patented material that allows the entire surface area to function as a display. The covered area will be the whole face of the device and possibly even the wrist band. The speculations came from Bloomberg which quoted inside sources. The new e-paper smartwatch will focus more on style rather than a technological part.

Sony now bets a lot for its new innovation program that will try to find a new ideas and solutions to bring back the company to the leading spots of the consumers electronic market. So it will be not a surprise if the Japanese tech giant release such device in the coming months. And most probably it will be just one of a series of experiment products that may see green light and shipped to the market.

Not a typical e-paper smartwatch

Not only that the new material may cover more than the face of the device, the e-paper will be quite different from traditional e-ink displays. For now there are no further details on it. But there are big chances that it could be similar to what Pebble uses. The crowdfunded company uses a 1.26-inch 144 ×168 pixel black and white e-paper display using an ultra low-power Memory LCD manufactured by Sharp.

The main advantage of the e-paper or e-ink technologies are that they consume very little power and this make them to endure days of usage. This is the reason why the Russian Yota uses for their smartphones two screens – an e-ink one and a classical LCD. But there are some drawbacks – it has very low refresh rate, the colored versions are pretty expensive and also the touch functions.

If Sony goes with a e-paper smartwatch it will be a risky move. The company needs to place it in the low-end and budget devices or it will be very boutique gadget.

Plausibility: 55%

Image Credit: John Biehler (CC)

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