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Microsoft’s Surface Mini tablet may come with Windows 10 which means it will not be ready in the next few months. According to the latest rumors, the compact version will be launched with the new operating system. The Windows 10 is expected to hit the market later in 2015.

This will dismiss the speculations that the Surface Mini will be launched before Christmas holidays. In the past two months  rumors about the resurrection of the small tablet intensify. The reports were pointed that the device will be show off to the end of December.

Now in the verge of Christmas Eve there are now signs that Microsoft will make this move. Instead the software giant is expected to release the Consumers Preview version of Windows 10 in January. In this case we can expect the final retail version of the new OS in mid-2015.

The Surface Mini is on the table from 2012, when it was reported that Microsoft is working on such device. The company from Redmond was expected that it would show off broader specter of tablets in its Surface line. But the Mini was canceled in the last moment. In that time Microsoft rely on two devices – the Surface Pro and RT. The Pro version was full fledged hybrid running Windows 8 and the RT was using the downgraded Windows RT – a OS version restricted only to ARM processors and to Modern apps.

Microsoft ditched the RT version and restricted its portfolio to Surface Pro 3. But now it is plausible that it needs second form factor to grab more of the customers attention. According to the previous rumors the new Surface Mini will have 8 or 10-inches display and it will be compatible with the current Surface accessories. The same thing is to Surface Pro 4, but instead it will have 12 or 13-inches display.

Both devices are more likely to come with the Windows 10. It is Microsoft’s interest to make them the first tablets with the new OS. The Windows 10 will feature a lot of changes regarding productivity and it will be good fit for the marketing strategy of the tech giant.

Plausibility for Surface Mini launch with Windows 10 – 75%

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