Surface Pro 4 rumors round up


Surface Pro 4 rumorsThere are a big anticipations and a lot of new stuff forming a new wave of Surface Pro 4 rumors. The Microsoft’s next hybrid is believed that it will be more powerful, more sleek and it may run Windows 10. After theĀ inconsistentĀ  success of the first two models of the tablet, the company from Redmond is actually on the way to to make the device more attractive to the users.

The Surface Pro 3 has very good reception and even the basic model is a very powerful machine. And Microsoft changes tactics – now it present the device as a notebook with tablet capabilities. Or with other words – a direct rival to the MacBook Air.

So the Surface Pro 4 rumors are focused more on the tech specs rather than some new shiny feature. The new Intel’s Core M Broadwell maybe will be the game-changer for the Microsoft’s Surface. The speculations are that the next model will feature such CPU. And there is a reason for that. The chip is perfect for the Microsoft’s device. It will improve immensely the battery life without sacrificing too much computing power. More importantly – without sacrificing the Desktop capabilities and legacy applications.

Also the use of Broadwell will make the tablet thinner and fanless.

Surface Pro 4 rumors and Windows 10

The next one from the Surface Pro 4 rumors is the integration of the Windows 10. It is very possible that Microsoft will launch the device around the premiere of the new operating system. What will be the best way to showcase a hybrid OS, if not using a hybrid PC, right? So this give us some clues about the release date. It will be sometime in October when Windows 10 is supposedly launching. With the new OS version Microsoft is following straight patterns which are hard to miss.

Well this not exclude optimistic speculations as a March release. This is based on assumption that Microsoft is preparing to drop Surface 3 price with $100. But it is more likely to stimulate even further the sales of the tablet.

Two form factors

A lot of Surface Pro 4 rumors are pointing out that the new device will come in two versions. One will have larger 14-inch screen and one more “standard” with 12-inch. This is very possible situation especially if Microsoft wanted to go ahead to compete with MacBook Air. Also there are a lot of rumors for larger tablets from Apple and other manufacturers.

Surface Pro 4 rumors also included a suggestions for a 1TB storage space. The enormous (for SDD) drive is not a common feature even in the most compact laptops in the market. Another big speculation is that the operating RAM could reach 16GB. Which is also a lot.

With such specs it will be normal for the price to be sky high. The Surface Pro 4 rumors suggested that the basic model of the device will cost up to $880. And the high end version may be over $2 000. But we are talking a 14-inch Broadwell beast with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD storage so it is possible.

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