Surprise – Nokia tablet revealed


It is hard to surprise the tech world in the Internet era, but the experts were caught off guard with the announcement of a Nokia tablet. The Finnish company dismissed the speculations that will return to the smartphone market as a producer.

Details of the new Nokia tablet

Instead, Nokia said that it will re-license the brand name to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM). And today they reveal the first device that will bear the old name – a Nokia tablet. The device named N1 is a 7.9-inches screen powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop and Intel Atom chips. It will be 6.9 mm thick and will have an aluminum case. The processor is 2.4 GHz Intel Atom chip so the company will not rely on an ARM architecture for now.

The new Nokia tablet N1 will be available in the first three months of 2015 and will be on sale in China first. The price is expected to be 249 US dollars before taxes.

Nokia provides not only the brand name of the device, but also licensing the software layer called Z Launcher and the industrial design as a whole. The OEM will pay IP royalties for making and selling the Nokia tablet.

The unexpected move

This will be the first brand-named products and we can expect many to follow. But revealing a Nokia tablet was fully unexpected move for the Finnish company until today.  Speculations started to rose after Microsoft dump the Nokia name into its Lumia devices and some people began to think that the Finnish company may used it back to return to the smartphone market. First they busted the rumors that they will return as a smartphone producer. Instead they announced the company will re-license the brand name for OEMs to use it.

Nokia said that will reveal something new in Tuesday, but only teas with a black box it its name on it. This immediately started a wave of rumors that the Finns are preparing a TV set top box powered by Android.

The European company surprised everyone and instead of a smartphone or a smart TV add-on it revealed a Nokia tablet. There are very good chances that may be we will see a handset in the future. Nokia has obligations that it couldn’t enter the smartphone market until the end of 2016. But we don’t know if this rule is subjected to a licensing products.

So Nokia busted a lot of rumors today and caught off guard almost the entire tech world.

Image Credit: Nokia

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