Swatch plans to make an Apple Watch rival


swatch apple watch rivalAfter months of speculations Swatch confirms its plans to make an Apple Watch rival. The device is prepared to be introduced in the next three months according to the Swiss company’s CEO Nick Hayek.

With this move Swatch is moving toward direct clash with Apple in the smartwatch market. The tech giant from Cupertino almost officially confirmed that the new Apple Watch will be shipped in April. The new device create a lot of buzz in the tech industry and it will show the real potential of the smartwatches.

There aren’t too much details about the Swatch’s smart accessory that to become Apple Watch rival. One of the biggest claims it make includes the ability to connect to the Internet “without having to be charged”. This is a direct hit to the Apple’s device which has alleged short battery.

As the Apple Watch the Swatch device will also include a form of mobile payments integrated into the watch. But the Swiss company will make this function available only in a selected few grocery stores in the Alps country. Swatch is in effective talks to acquire more mobile payment retailer partners in the future.

The Hayek action is not a surprise, but few months ago after the presentation of the Apple’s smartwatch he dismissed the rumors for creating such device. But it is logical for Swatch to make an Apple Watch rival. The new gadget from the tech giant from Cupertino is poised to disrupt the watch industry, especially with its more expensive and luxurious line. With its smart capabilities the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition can easily overtake the traditional gold watches. And Swatch need to make its move.

Interestingly some time ago Apple and Swatch were rumored to be working together on a such device. Hayek dismissed those claims too in the last summer, but it is possible that the both companies to have some kind of confidential partnership in the past.

The Swatch action hints that the watchmaking industry is taking seriously the treat and are starting to make its own smart device which to become Apple Watch rival.

Image Credit: Blake Patterson

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