The new iPhone 6S will not look like the current model

Force Touch for the new iPhone 6s

The new iPhone 6S most probably will not look like the current models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. After the launch of the Apple Watch the rumors about the next smartphone from the tech giant are mounting. Some of them are about using new metal alloys, other including some new features which may make the device different from the models Apple is selling today. Force Touch in the new iPhone…


What to expect from Apple’s event today

Apple's event for Apple Watch

With hours away from Apple’s event the pressure what exactly we will see is on. The most important thing will be the details for Apple Watch – prices, availability, apps and accessories. Other includes rumors for a new 12-inches MacBook Air, an update to iOS. The least plausible are the unveiling of larger iPad, Apple TV and new music streaming service. The Apple Watch The Apple’s first smarwatch will be…


All Apple Watch rumors in the blender

apple watch rumors

Just hours ahead of the Apple’s event it is time to put all Apple Watch rumors in the blender. The company of Cupertino is expected to unveil its final details about its smartwatch. The main questions now are how much will cost the premium version, what additional functions the device will have and how long will be the battery life. How much will it cost? The most certain thing is…


The alleged Apple Watch launch date is March 9

Apple Watch Launch event

Apple sends invitations for event in March 9 and the most possible reason for it, is to make Apple Watch launch. The traditional tag line of the event is “Spring forward”. Like any other Apple’s press conferences it hints what will be the possible reason for the event. From spring forward is likely to means that the time starts from spring and continues forward. A very possible hint for the…


Apple’s iPhone 6S could get Force Touch

Apple Watch Force Touch

One of the interesting part from the presentation of Apple Watch was the Force Touch ability. It allows the display to “sense” the difference when the user presses hard or just tap in. The hard touch can be used as a function in the interface. And this is Force Touch. According to the latest rumors, Apple may incorporate this function into its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 6S. And this…


Apple Watch battery life may endure one day

Apple Watch battery life

The latest rumors about Apple Watch is about its battery life which could endure up to one day. According to some new unofficial information it will endure only from two and a half to four hours in active usage. It will have up to 19 hours of mixed usage and up to three days in idle mode. These different speculations spurred rumors about the smartwatch’s actual battery life. Those speculations…


Apple Watch Companion app and iOS 9 rumors

Apple Watch Companion

Apple Watch Companion app was released in the beta version of the update to iOS 8.2  it give us a little glimpse what to expect from it. Also several big sites related to news from Apple noticed an increased number of log ins from iOS 9 devices into their registries. Apple Watch Companion app The beta version of iOS 8.2 reveals some changes and most important the new Apple Watch…


The expected tech rumors for 2015

tech rumors ces 2015

Lot of things happened in the IT world in 2014 – lot of tech rumors were placed, busted or confirmed. Also there are a lot of cliffhangers – speculations which may become true in the coming 2015. The first months of the year will be very intriguing – the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just days away, with a lot of long awaited possible debuts, Microsoft is expected…


Production of Apple Watch starts in January

Apple Watch

Apple Watch was the jewel in September’s presentation of the tech giant and it seems that it may be close to the market. According to the latest rumors the production of the new smartwatch is due to start in January. The new report from Taiwanese site suggests that Apple’s  subcontractor Quanta is ready to start production of the new device in the next month. The Taiwanese company is raising…


Apple Watch price could soar from $4 000 for gold

Apple Watch

The gold version of Apple Watch could cost between $4 000 and $5,000 according to the recent reports. The latest rumors also suggests that the stainless steel will be from $500. In the presentation of the new smartwatch Apple didn’t announce the full pricing of the different models, only said that the price will start from $350. But there are three different models with two form factors of Apple Watch….