BlackBerry may gamble with Android smartphone

BlackBerry Android Smartphone

The troubled smartphone maker BlackBerry just won’t give up and now there are rumors that the company is preparing a new device which is based on Android OS. The speculations were live for couple of couple of weeks, but now we have a hint from the CEO John Chen. He said that if BlackBerry can make a secure Android phone – it will make one. This hints that the Canadian…


Samsung make offer to buy BlackBerry

Samsung to buy Blackberry

Samsung make offer to buy BlackBerry for as much as $7.6 billion. With this move the South Korean company will try to secure the patents of the Canadian manufacturer and to acquire its secure corporate mobile services. This information comes from Reuters news agency quoting internal sources and documents. According Reuters Samsung proposed initial price range of $13.35 to $15.49 per share for BalckBerry. This is a very generous offer,…


BlackBerry Rio may be arriving in 2015

BlackBerry Rio and BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry is preparing a new flagship smartphone for the next year which is dubbed to be codename BlackBerry Rio. According to the latest rumors it will be an all-touchscreen device unlike the latest smartphone which it has QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry Rio’s status The new speculated Rio device is expected to hit the shelves sometime in 2015. According to the rumors the company is already working on BlackBerry Rio and it…


Lenovo is looking to buy BlackBerry – again


New rumors surfaced that Lenovo is looking to buy BlackBerry. This was not the first time that the Chinese company is interested in the Canadian firm. But now the smartphone producer it seems a little bit more attractive than an year ago. Now BlackBerry is trying to revive its handset division and has some positive results. The new Passport smartphone sold 200 thousands units for a short time and this…