Google’s smart contact lenses are closer to the market

Google's smart contact lenses

  More than an year ago Google reveal it is working on a smart contact lenses and it seems that they are closer to the market. As the Internet giant patented a way to package them for the customers. This is the first step for possible market debut for the new contact lenses. Google is working together with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to produce the new devices. There is no…


Google is rumored to buy Twitter

Who wants to buy Twitter

The week after Easter comes with some interesting rumors and one of it is the speculations about Google is up to buy Twitter. The unconfirmed news comes from market analysis firm and it rises the stock price up to 4% in Thursday. According to a report from the social network is hired Goldman Sachs to protect the company from two buyout attempts. One of the offer is coming…


Google is working on Virtual reality version for Android

Samsung gear vr virtual reality version of android

Google is working on Virtual reality version for Android. This news is still very speculative, but as the interest of VR headsets is increasing. After Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and Valve working with manufacturers like HTC to produce such devices it will be logical for the Internet giant to get into the race. But not with own virtual reality headset. Most likely Google is working to adapt or make new…


Google’s mobile network may work only with Nexus 6

google mobile network nexus 6

After a lot of rumors Google hinted for possible launch of its own mobile network earlier this week. But new reports emerged that the new wireless infrastructure will work only with Nexus 6 smartphones. The Internet giant is planning to launch the new service in the end of March.  According to the latest rumors, Google’s mobile network will work only with Nexus 6 as it will restricted the handsets which…


Google Glass may come with Intel chips

Google Glass

Google traditionally relies on ARM chips for its mobile devices, but this time the tech giant may equip its Google Glass smart accessory with a Intel chip. This rumor comes just weeks after speculations that the Internet company may abandon its little smart glasses venture. According to a inside information from Wall Street Journal, Google will replace Texas Instruments (TI) with Intel for supplying chips for the Google Glass. TI…


Project Ara phone could cost 50 dollars


Project Ara phone could cost from $50 for a basic version. At least this is the preliminary information from Google Advanced Technology and Projects group. The new modular device will come from $50 to $100, but the cheapest model will not include cellular connectivity, only Wi-Fi. Google is preparing to release a small batch of the new smartphones sometime in the early 2015 and the rumors are that it’s very…


Google may launch Project Ara in 2015


Google may start selling the first devices from its modular smartphone Project Ara in 2015. This is a bold and revolutionary new concept for a mobile device that can be fully customizable by the users. You want big screen? No problem, there is a module for that. The same thing is about battery, camera, physical keyboard and etc. The idea is when there is a new faster CPU or high…


Android Wear got its update


Google make an update to Android Wear after releasing its new smartphones. This confirms earlier rumors that the newer version of the wearable mobile OS of the Internet giant it’s on the way. The speculations were wrong about the name – Google didn’t call it Android Wear 2.0, some of the reasons are that the update wasn’t that radical. The first ability that the smartwatch owners with Android Gear gets…


Rumors blend up after Google’s Nexus event

Nexus 6

Google just reveal the new smartphone Nexus 6 and a bigger tablet Nexus 9. With them the Internet giant also unveil officially the updated version of its mobile platform – Android L. Most parts of the showcase were in line with the expectations, but some rumors did not hold on. Here are the overview of Google’s new mobile devices and putting some of the rumors into the blender to see…


Nexus 6 tech specs leaked out


Google’s next flagship will be Nexus 6 pointed out the new leaks with very detail technical specification. The new smartphone will be produce by Motorola, with 5.9-inches screen and will have the latest Android L (rumored Lion) operating system. It will be the largest Nexus phone to date if Google actually reveal it soon. For now there is no official confirmation, nor scheduled event for this purpose. According to…