The new iPhone 6S will not look like the current model

Force Touch for the new iPhone 6s

The new iPhone 6S most probably will not look like the current models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. After the launch of the Apple Watch the rumors about the next smartphone from the tech giant are mounting. Some of them are about using new metal alloys, other including some new features which may make the device different from the models Apple is selling today. Force Touch in the new iPhone…


Rumors suggested more minor changes in iOS 9

iPhone 5 iOS 9

If you expecting a big leaps in iOS 9 brace to be disappointed. The latest rumors suggested more minor tweaks and updates to the Apple’s mobile platform. The new reports from 9to5Mac pointed for putting more emphasis on improving stability and optimizing the OS rather than introducing radical new features. According to the rumors Apple will be “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance”. The last two versions, including the…


Apple is preparing iPod Touch 6G

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Apple is preparing the next generation iPod Touch 6G are suggesting the last round of rumors. Still there are not enough details about this device and for now the information is little bit speculative, but it is an interesting unofficial news. According to a various news outlets the new iPod Touch 6G will resemble much of the hardware of the current models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is…


Xiaomi Mi Note takes on iPhone 6

Xiaomi Mi Note

Xiaomi shows of its new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note (or Redmi Note) which is aiming directly into the high-end class and more specifically at iPhone 6. Last year the only five year old startup became big and gain a third place in the global smartphone market after astonishing sales in Chine. Now the Chinese company is getting more seriously with Apple and released a new flagship Xiaomi Mi Note….


Apple patented a bending iPhone

bending iPhone Nokia flexible phone

The bending iPhone 6 Plus was not a flaw it is a feature. And Apple just patented it. The tech giant from Cupertino filled a patent in which it describes an electronic device that is fully flexible. We are not talking about curved screen in a fixed case. Every part of the smartphone will be flexible. The new handset can fold, bend or twist without damaging the internal components. You…


Absurd rumor of the week: The spinning iPhone

Spinning iphone cracked screen

Almost every dedicated Apple user has this problem – drop its iPhone on the ground and cracked its screen. But no more! According to the latest patent filled by the company from Cupertino shows it will develop a system that will flip the smartphone in the mid-air to protect the fragile display. In short words – it will develop a spinning iPhone. The tech behind the spinning iPhone The idea…


Apple iPhone 7 rumors: or iPhone 6S?

iphone 7 rumors, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iphone 6 pro

In the past few weeks there was a real flood of rumors about Apple iPhone 7 and what kind of features will it have. And this speculation fest comes less then a month after the release of the iPhone 6. RumorBlender waited for some time to accumulate more rumors in the Web and to put as many of them into the blender. Because they started to pile up we are…


Absurd rumor of the week: Transparent iPhone


Some people are still in line to some Apple shop to get their iPhone 6 and we already have rumors for the next one, which may be… transparent. Well in the endless sea of information of the Web there are different types of speculations, some are plausible, others misleading, third – absurd. The report of the transparent iPhone fitted in the last category, but if you dig a little bit…


Apple’s sapphire drama with GT is partialy unveiled


One of the busted rumors at the iPhone event in September was that the new models smartphones will have sapphire glasses for the screen. But the things are starting to become interesting when GT Advanced Technology filled the papers for bankruptcy earlier this week. This shocked investors and experts because this was the main Apple’s partner for production of synthetic¬† sapphire. The absence of sapphire glass for the new iPhones…


The iPhone 6 assassin – Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming

Samsung galaxy s6 rumors samsung galaxy s5

The war just begun – Apple unleashed its iPhone 6 and now it is time for Samsung to respond with its new Galaxy S6. Yes, the South Korean flagship smartphone is under way! And its only purpose is to destroy the new bigger iPhone. The rumors are that it will go live in the first months of the next year. It will have metal casing, like the Galaxy Alfa which…