What we know about the Apple iPhone 7


The rumor mill about the next iPhone is gaining speed. Which is to be expected since we are less than three months from the premiere of the next generation. As always, the next Apple iPhone will be unveiled sometime in September. Given the lackluster year for smartphones in general, a lot of interest has been placed on the next iPhone which is expected to wow users and analysts. So what…


The expected tech rumors for 2015

tech rumors ces 2015

Lot of things happened in the IT world in 2014 – lot of tech rumors were placed, busted or confirmed. Also there are a lot of cliffhangers – speculations which may become true in the coming 2015. The first months of the year will be very intriguing – the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just days away, with a lot of long awaited possible debuts, Microsoft is expected…


Absurd rumor of the week: The spinning iPhone

Spinning iphone cracked screen

Almost every dedicated Apple user has this problem – drop its iPhone on the ground and cracked its screen. But no more! According to the latest patent filled by the company from Cupertino shows it will develop a system that will flip the smartphone in the mid-air to protect the fragile display. In short words – it will develop a spinning iPhone. The tech behind the spinning iPhone The idea…


Apple iPhone 7 rumors: The sapphire screen

iPhone 6 sapphire screen

The rumors about that Apple will introduce a sapphire screen for its next iPhone 7 reemerged after the bankruptcy of the GT Advanced Technologies and the demise of their synthetic sapphire factory. According to the new rumors one of the biggest Apple’s subcontractors – the Taiwanese Foxconn – is setting a facility in Zhengzhou that will eventually produce sapphire displays for the next-generation iPhone models. This fueled up a new…


Apple is preparing 3D display for iPhone 7

LG Optimus 3D

Despite the iPhone 6 is still hot and fresh in the shops and sometimes hard to get, rumors for the iPhone 7 are already emerging. One of the most interesting, not so plausible, is the report that the company from Cupertino is developing a glass-free 3D display for the next generation of its smartphones. The technology is known as an autostereoscopic 3D and it’s used in some smaller screen devices…


Apple’s sapphire drama with GT is partialy unveiled


One of the busted rumors at the iPhone event in September was that the new models smartphones will have sapphire glasses for the screen. But the things are starting to become interesting when GT Advanced Technology filled the papers for bankruptcy earlier this week. This shocked investors and experts because this was the main Apple’s partner for production of synthetic¬† sapphire. The absence of sapphire glass for the new iPhones…


Apple is preaparing two new events to the end of 2014


The rain of Apple’s products from Septembers event was not enough and the company from Cupertino is preparing new launches in the coming months – which not surprisingly will include new iPads and possibly new iMacs. First will be the new models of tablets which will be revealed in mid-October. The rumor is coming from Bloomberg and it’s very plausible because it follows the Apple’s pattern – iPhones and iPads…


Rumors busted after the Apple’s event


This time Apple goes big with its September event. They showed off two new iPhones with new form factors and a smartwatch. But the rumor mill was bigger than the event itself. Well unlike others hyped conferences from the Cupertino’s company a lot of the leaks come true. But we still have a lot of rumors that just pop away… for now. And here is the list of the busted…


Which rumors Apple confirmed at its iPhone event


Apple really knows how to please the crowd. This year company’s event in September was really memorable. We have two new iPhones with new form factors, mobile payments and at last – the long waited smartwatch. Few days before the actual event in California, there was a real flood of leaks with Biblical proportions what to expect from Cupertino’s behemoth. And this time we have a lot of confirmed rumors….


All Apple rumors put into the blender


In less than 48 hours Apple will have the possibility to change the history of the consumers electronics. Once again. The anticipation is so big, that we have a huge flood of rumors what to expect from the Cupertino’s behemoth¬† in 9th of September. The hype is enormous and it is very hard to separate the more possible from less likely speculation. The reason – it is leaking information from…