Microsoft showed off Lumia 535

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft showed its first smartphone which doesn’t bear the name Nokia – the Lumia 535. With this move the company confirmed one and busted, for now, another rumor which surfaced before the launch. The confirmed speculation is that the first smartphone of Microsoft without the Nokia brand will be a budget line device. The reports days before the launch were accurate and matched the leaked tech specs. Inside Lumia 535…


What to expect from Microsoft Lumia smartphone

Microsoft Lumia

Only few hours are left before Microsoft to unveil its first own branded smartphone – Microsoft Lumia. This will be the first device after the software giant acquired the mobile unit of Nokia which will not use the popular Finnish brand name. Instead it will bear the name of Microsoft and the brand Lumia. The company from Redmond is set to unveil its first branded smartphone Microsoft Lumia in Tuesday….


Microsoft may launch smaller and cheaper XBox One

Microsoft XBox One

Microsoft is working on a smaller and cheaper XBox One, at least these are the last rumors that are in the Blender. The software company is trying to boost the competitiveness of its gaming console after taking initial sidesteps. The hunt for the smaller console According to a new rumors Microsoft maybe is trying to gain a new foothold in the console wars, as it working on a cheaper and…


Microsoft Band is officially revealed


Microsoft confirmed the rumors that it may join the race for wearables and revealed today the Microsoft Band.  The new device will run the health software of the company – Microsoft Health. Like the other smartbands this one will also needs to be sync with a smartphone to use its apps and hardware. But unlike some other wearables, the new smartband will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone….


The big search for the Halo 5 release date


Sometimes people search for rumors in incredible places – in the case of Halo 5 release date we talk about a photo with a clock. Microsoft hasn’t announced when when the next chapter of the popular video game will be available for sale. And fans are trying to dig out more info about the Halo 5: Guardians they found something interesting at first glance. A photo in Twitter by a…


Microsoft may join the race for wearables

Galaxy gear vs Pebble

Microsoft may join the race for wearables as it plans to launch a smart device for the wrist. Probably it will be a smart watch and it could track user’s heart rate and maybe it will have more than two days battery life of regular use. It is not as shocking as it sounds in the first place. Because when Microsoft announced their new operating system Windows 10, in the…


Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini

Surface Pro

Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini – the small tablet which will head on with iPad Mini and Nexus 7. The latest reports suggests that the software giant is preparing the compact hybrid and a device named Surface 3 which will be on sale before the Holiday season. This speculation actually spawn couple of rumors – the first one is that Microsoft is reviving the smaller Surface Mini. But from…


Most plausible explanation for Windows 10 name


Windows 95 and 98 are the reason why Microsoft skipped the 9 version of its new operating system and go directly to 10. According to recent rumors, there is a problems with the code. During the tests when using Windows 9 name the third-party applications used some coding to detect what version of the operating system are running. The programmers are using the short name Windows 9 for designate the…


Microsoft trolled the world with Windows 10


Microsoft trolls the tech community after it jumps directly to Windows 10 for a name to its new operating system. The software giant announced the new platform and end some of the speculations about it. Some rumors were confirmed on the event, others were busted, but we still have some unanswered questions. Here is some round up.   Confirmed rumors One Windows to rule them all – the biggest news…


Cortana may move to Windows 9 (round up)


The personal voice assistant Cortana from Windows Phone may be included in the new Windows 9. This rumor surfaced days before 30th of September in which Microsoft is preparing to shows off its new operating system and it already scheduled an event for that day. The speculations so far suggest that the company will release early version for developers at the same day, but this is not confirmed. As Microsoft…