Nokia is trying to sell HERE maps

HERE maps car

Nokia is trying to streamline its portfolio as it now is about to sell HERE maps – its maps business. The Finnish company already made the big deal after it splits its main Mobile unit and sell it to Microsoft. The candidates for HERE maps Now according to the latest report from Bloomberg, Nokia is exploring the possibility to chop out another chunk from its former tech group. The European…


Surprise – Nokia tablet revealed

Nokia tablet N1

It is hard to surprise the tech world in the Internet era, but the experts were caught off guard with the announcement of a Nokia tablet. The Finnish company dismissed the speculations that will return to the smartphone market as a producer. Details of the new Nokia tablet Instead, Nokia said that it will re-license the brand name to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM). And today they reveal the first…


The Nokia smartphone may return to the market

Nokia smartphone

The Nokia smartphone may return to the market. The move is expected after Microsoft dropped out the Nokia brand from its handsets and starts to sell only Lumia devices. Now the brand name is back into the Finnish company. There were intensifying rumors about the return of the European company into the smartphone market. Under license But there is a catch – at least for now the European tech giant…


What to expect from Microsoft Lumia smartphone

Microsoft Lumia

Only few hours are left before Microsoft to unveil its first own branded smartphone – Microsoft Lumia. This will be the first device after the software giant acquired the mobile unit of Nokia which will not use the popular Finnish brand name. Instead it will bear the name of Microsoft and the brand Lumia. The company from Redmond is set to unveil its first branded smartphone Microsoft Lumia in Tuesday….