What we know about the Apple iPhone 7


The rumor mill about the next iPhone is gaining speed. Which is to be expected since we are less than three months from the premiere of the next generation. As always, the next Apple iPhone will be unveiled sometime in September. Given the lackluster year for smartphones in general, a lot of interest has been placed on the next iPhone which is expected to wow users and analysts. So what…


Unofficial update for Windows 10 Preview leaked


New version of Windows 10 Preview leaked in Internet as Microsoft is struggling to release an official one to the testers. The software company has some problems to fix some bugs and it now is facing delay to fulfill the promise to the developers. Originally Microsoft planned to release a technical preview of its new operating system in January. But testers and developers are frustrated as the software giant is…


All Apple Watch rumors in the blender

apple watch rumors

Just hours ahead of the Apple’s event it is time to put all Apple Watch rumors in the blender. The company of Cupertino is expected to unveil its final details about its smartwatch. The main questions now are how much will cost the premium version, what additional functions the device will have and how long will be the battery life. How much will it cost? The most certain thing is…


HTC is preparing for the One M9 Hima debut

HTC One M9 Hima HTC One M8

HTC is preparing to show off its new smartphone One M9 Hima in less than a two hours before the start of its event in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The press conference will be livestreamed here: The event is named Utopia and it will start in 4 p.m. CET time. It will be just hours before another big keynote – Samsung’s one most probably dedicated to the launch of…


HTC One M9 will look like the M8

HTC One M9 will look like this

One of the big questions and anticipations for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is how HTC One M9 will look like. Will it have a new design, and what kind of tech specs it will feature? Just week before the event, a big leak hinted that the HTC One M9 will look like its predecessor One M8. At least from the outside. The Taiwanese company will rely on…


Microsoft’s old rumor – the HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens Windows 10

Microsoft revealed its new HoloLens during the Windows 10 presentation. Those are digital glasses with powerful augmented reality, which can “produce” holograms. The history of this device is far more older than some people thought. Actually the software giant is preparing those technology for quite some time. Think about at least three to four years earlier. And still this technology is so sophisticated that the HoloLens are still in an…


Rumors to watch at Windows 10 event

One Microsoft Way Windows 10 event

Day before Microsoft to hold its Windows 10 event there are a lot of rumors to watch for. Which one of them will be confirmed by the software giant and which will be busted in the blender? Those are the questions that Microsoft need to answer in its press event in Wednesday. More like a Windows 10 event According to the preliminary information tomorrow’s event will be focused more on…


Apple Watch Companion app and iOS 9 rumors

Apple Watch Companion

Apple Watch Companion app was released in the beta version of the update to iOS 8.2  it give us a little glimpse what to expect from it. Also several big sites related to news from Apple noticed an increased number of log ins from iOS 9 devices into their registries. Apple Watch Companion app The beta version of iOS 8.2 reveals some changes and most important the new Apple Watch…


LG G4 rumored in CES 2015

LG G3 G4 rumors

LG G4 was rumored in CES after the director of corporate communications in the company tipped about its possible release during an interview in Las Vegas. Speaking with TrustedReviews in CES the LG’s official Ken Hong mention about the future flagship of the South Korean manufacturer. Talking about the G3’s replacement Hong reference to it as G4. “I don’t think we are going to be able to sit back and…


Smartphone rumors busted in CES 2015

CES 2015 busted smartphone rumors

One of the biggest annual tech events in the year – Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas is almost over. And it brought a lot of disappointment after the leading tech giants didn’t push the level in the smartphone area as some expected. The only new high-end handset that was revealed during the CES 2015 was the LG’s G Flex 2 with curved screen. The long awaited flagships…