The new iPhone 6S will not look like the current model

Force Touch for the new iPhone 6s

The new iPhone 6S most probably will not look like the current models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. After the launch of the Apple Watch the rumors about the next smartphone from the tech giant are mounting. Some of them are about using new metal alloys, other including some new features which may make the device different from the models Apple is selling today. Force Touch in the new iPhone…


Windows 10 Mobile may launch in September

Windows 10 mobile Cortana

The Windows 10 Mobile may be launched in September according to the latest rumors. Microsoft already set the release date for its new operating system Windows 10 for 29th of July, but it is the upgrade for the current PC machines and tablets. The Mobile version is known that will be launched a little bit latter after the initial debut of the new OS. But still there is no official…


Android apps for Windows 10 – why not?

Android apps for windows 10

Android apps for Windows 10 – it may sound ridiculous, but it will be the ultimate weapon for Microsoft to storm the mobile world. The worst nightmare for every Windows Phone user is to not have the newest applications. For now the developers are working primarily for Android and/or iOS first. To neutralize this disadvantage Microsoft may have very elegant solution. To bring Android apps for Windows 10. The best…


Apple may introduce smaller iPhone 6C

IPhone 5C and rumored iPhone 6C

Apple may introduce three models of smartphones this year, as it may launch smaller iPhone 6C version this autumn. The news comes from the Taiwanese blog DigiTimes and resurrects an old rumor about the company’s portfolio. The report suggests Apple will release an upgrade to the existing model iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which will become iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. But the tech giant will add a third model…


Apple is testing pink iPhone and Force Touch


A fresh new batch of rumors about how Apple is preparing its next model smartphone surfaced in the past days, and they includes the possibility for a pink iPhone and introducing the Force Touch into it. The later sounds logical, after the tech giant included the new pressure sense technology into its new 12-inch MacBook laptop. Force Touch was introduced first for the Apple Watch, and can detect how hard…


Samsung surprised with Double Edged Galaxy S6

Double edged Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung surprised the tech world as it unveiled a double edged Galaxy S6. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona the South Korean company shown two models as expected – traditional flat smartphone and a model with curved screen on both edges. The second version was expected to be curved only on the one side, but this time Samsung surprised the audience. So meet the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy…


HTC is preparing for the One M9 Hima debut

HTC One M9 Hima HTC One M8

HTC is preparing to show off its new smartphone One M9 Hima in less than a two hours before the start of its event in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The press conference will be livestreamed here: The event is named Utopia and it will start in 4 p.m. CET time. It will be just hours before another big keynote – Samsung’s one most probably dedicated to the launch of…


Absurd rumor of the week: 3-Sided screen in Galaxy S6

3-sided screen galaxy edge

No doubt the anticipation of the next model of Samsung Galaxy S6 is enormous and spawn a ton of rumors. The last one is that the new flagship will have two models, one of it will feature a 3-sided screen. The report comes from the leading business news agency Bloomberg. “Samsung plans to release two new versions of its top-tier Galaxy smartphone next month, including a model with a display…


LG is developing a dual edge screen

LG dual edge screen

A smartphone with dual edge screen – sounds like the next Galaxy S6 from Samsung, right? Wrong – it is the new leaked prototype of LG. Or at least it looks like in first glance. During CES in Las Vegas, LG organized special and private showroom on which it showed more untraditional devices and concepts for close and potential clients. One of the devices stood up – it was a…


Smartphone rumors busted in CES 2015

CES 2015 busted smartphone rumors

One of the biggest annual tech events in the year – Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas is almost over. And it brought a lot of disappointment after the leading tech giants didn’t push the level in the smartphone area as some expected. The only new high-end handset that was revealed during the CES 2015 was the LG’s G Flex 2 with curved screen. The long awaited flagships…