Will be there a physical keyboard for the iPad Pro

iPad Pro keyboard

Apple loves to advertise its products and especially loves to underline that the iPad and iPhone can work without any physical keyboard. The extensive rumors about the possible launch of a larger tablet from the tech giant from Cupertino are suggesting, that the new device will have such feature. This will be unusual, because in the presentation for the debut of the iPhone the key moment was the absence of…


What to expect from Apple’s event today

Apple's event for Apple Watch

With hours away from Apple’s event the pressure what exactly we will see is on. The most important thing will be the details for Apple Watch – prices, availability, apps and accessories. Other includes rumors for a new 12-inches MacBook Air, an update to iOS. The least plausible are the unveiling of larger iPad, Apple TV and new music streaming service. The Apple Watch The Apple’s first smarwatch will be…


Apple may delay the larger iPad Pro

Larger iPad Pro

Apple may delay the production for the larger iPad Pro. In the past few weeks alongside the expected smartwatch debut the rumor mill is increasingly active for the possible new tablet. The initial speculations were, that Apple will start manufacturing the device this quarter. But according to the latest report from Bloomberg the company from Cupertino may delay the manufacturing of the device to September. The main reason for an…


Sony presented a new Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony confirms previous rumors and presented a new ultrathin tablet – the Xperia Z4 Tablet – at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Alongside with it the Japanese company also show a mid-range smartphone – the Xperia M4 Aqua. As traditionally for Sony both devices are waterproof. Previous reports suggested the debut of a Xperia Z4 Tablet in Barcelona, but without gave a way too much information. Most speculations were for…


Dell announced an ultra-thin tablet on CES

Ultra-thin tablet Dell Venue 8 7000

Dell announced an ultra-thin tablet Venue 8 7000 during CES 2015. This was one of the expected launches rumored several days before the event in Las Vegas. Before CES there were a lot of speculations about new mobile products, but in the actual event there weren’t so much releases. The tech companies decided to save the biggest announcements for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March. So very few…


Apple filled another stylus patent

ipad Stylus Pogo

In the first days of December Apple filled another stylus patent and tech blogs gone crazy because Steve Jobs disliked this type of accessory in the past. And now the tech giant maybe will start to make it.  At the presentation of the original iPhone in 2007 Jobs famously said that “Nobody wants a stylus”. After that in 2010 he repeated its neglect to the device “If you see a…


Samsung is preparing folding screen devices to the end of the year

Samsung Folding Screen Amoled

Samsung is preparing to unveil a device with folding screen which will reveal to the customers to the end of the year. According to a news spread by ZDNet citing the company’s vice president of business strategic team Lee Chang-hoon, the South Korean tech giant is planning to show off a such product in the coming weeks. Also Lee mention that Samsung will start mass production of such folding screens…


Microsoft is preparing bigger Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

The next version of Microsoft’s tablet may be not a tablet at all and according to the rumors Surface Pro 4 will have 14-inches display.  This will be further development of the Surface line in terms of forging a attractive form factor. The tech giant tries to win the corporate sector and increases the size of the tablets. The Surface Pro 3 has 12-inches display against 10 inches of the…


Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini

Surface Pro

Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini – the small tablet which will head on with iPad Mini and Nexus 7. The latest reports suggests that the software giant is preparing the compact hybrid and a device named Surface 3 which will be on sale before the Holiday season. This speculation actually spawn couple of rumors – the first one is that Microsoft is reviving the smaller Surface Mini. But from…


The bigger iPad is back in the rumors blender


The bigger iPad is back in the rumors blender. After Apple showed off only smartphones and the new smartwatch the speculations of the upcoming new wave of tablets it’s surged again. This includes the resurrection of the rumors for bigger iPad. The new information points out that the larger tablet will have 12.9 inches screen (as the previous ones), but will have improved A8X chipset. And it will be possible…