Surface Pro 4 rumors round up

Surface Pro 4 rumors

There are a big anticipations and a lot of new stuff forming a new wave of Surface Pro 4 rumors. The Microsoft’s next hybrid is believed that it will be more powerful, more sleek and it may run Windows 10. After the inconsistent  success of the first two models of the tablet, the company from Redmond is actually on the way to to make the device more attractive to the users….


Rumors to watch at Windows 10 event

One Microsoft Way Windows 10 event

Day before Microsoft to hold its Windows 10 event there are a lot of rumors to watch for. Which one of them will be confirmed by the software giant and which will be busted in the blender? Those are the questions that Microsoft need to answer in its press event in Wednesday. More like a Windows 10 event According to the preliminary information tomorrow’s event will be focused more on…


Surface Mini will come with Windows 10

Surface Mini Surface Pro 3

Microsoft’s Surface Mini tablet may come with Windows 10 which means it will not be ready in the next few months. According to the latest rumors, the compact version will be launched with the new operating system. The Windows 10 is expected to hit the market later in 2015. This will dismiss the speculations that the Surface Mini will be launched before Christmas holidays. In the past two months  rumors…


Microsoft may prepares both Surface Pro 4 and Mini in 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Surface Mini

Microsoft may prepare both Surface Pro 4 and Mini which will be available sometime next year.  Or at least this points out the latest rumors, which resurrected the idea that the software giant it’s on its way of introducing a smaller tablet. According to the latest reports the Surface Mini may live and it is possible to see it in the 2015 alongside with Surface Pro 4. The previous rumors…


Surprise – Nokia tablet revealed

Nokia tablet N1

It is hard to surprise the tech world in the Internet era, but the experts were caught off guard with the announcement of a Nokia tablet. The Finnish company dismissed the speculations that will return to the smartphone market as a producer. Details of the new Nokia tablet Instead, Nokia said that it will re-license the brand name to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM). And today they reveal the first…


iPad Pro release date is pushed for late 2015

iPad Pro Release date

Apple may push back the iPad Pro release date for late 2015. According to a new rumor the bigger 12.9-inches tablet will be one sale for the second half of the next year. The reason to believe in this is the leak of the lower shipments of the current models iPad in the first three months of 2015. This may indicate that a production for a new model will be…


Sony prepares 12 inch Xperia Z4 tablet

Sony Xperia

Sony maybe is preparing a 12 inch tablet which will be ready for the next year. According to the last speculations it will be called Xperia Z4 and it will be the biggest mobile device released from Sony to date. The current Xperia Z3 tablet has only 8 inches screen. There is no official confirmation but if the rumors are correct that it means we may see a big wave…


All the iPad rumors – will they blend


Apple confirms that it will hold a conference at 16th of October and will possible reveal its new iPads. The rumors about new tablets from the tech giant are circling for a months. Even some people mistakenly thought that the company would reveal the new iPads alongside with the iPhone 6. Nevertheless we have second event which presumably will be focused more on Apple’s tablets and Mac computers. Will the…


AMD is preparing its own ARM tablet


AMD already reveal its 64-bit ARM-based chips in January, but the company is set to release its own tablets in late 2015. At least these are the latest reports. Until now the information was that the chipmaker will produce ARM-based CPU for servers as a low-power alternative to x86 architecture. The first so called Seattle chips for servers are planned to hit the market to the end of the year….