The alleged Apple Watch launch date is March 9


Apple Watch Launch eventApple sends invitations for event in March 9 and the most possible reason for it, is to make Apple Watch launch. The traditional tag line of the event is “Spring forward”. Like any other Apple’s press conferences it hints what will be the possible reason for the event.

From spring forward is likely to means that the time starts from spring and continues forward. A very possible hint for the Apple Watch launch.

The company from Cupertino announced last year that the release date for the Apple Watch is set “in the early 2015”.

Early this month rumors suggested Apple sets orders for 5 to 6 million smartwatches for the initial production. Almost half of the units are expected to be the entry level model Apple Watch Sport. It has a price tag of $349. About one third will be the middle range (if we called it so) stainless steel variant. And about a 17% or approximately a million units are ordered for the 18-karat gold model Apple Edition.

The tech giant doesn’t reveal any pricing for the two of the models. But the gold version is expected to reach and even surpass the mark of $4,000.

Apple already made a 12 page advertising in Vogue magazine for its smartwatch. This is partial confirmation for the Apple Watch launch will be taken on 9th of March.

There are still some questions about the device. How much will the other two version cost? What will be the battery life of the Apple Watch? And will be released immediately after the event? The last one is still debated and our perceptions is the actual Apple Watch launch for the device to be taken in some time in the end of March or early April.

According to some earlier reports, the production of the device was started in mid-January. And if the scale of the orders is right we may not see the watch in the shops in the early March.

Plausibility for an Apple Watch launch at 9th of March – 90%

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