The big search for the Halo 5 release date


Sometimes people search for rumors in incredible places – in the case of Halo 5 release date we talk about a photo with a clock. Microsoft hasn’t announced when when the next chapter of the popular video game will be available for sale. And fans are trying to dig out more info about the Halo 5: Guardians they found something interesting at first glance.

A photo in Twitter by a new employee of the developer 343 Industries shows him standing in front of the banner of the company. Bellow it we see something that reminds us a countdown clock with numbers “382” in front of it. After that there other numbers which are look as a clock – 16:01 and so on. And the speculations went off.


The wild guess was that this are the remaining days before releasing the game. And if the math is alright this means that the zero day will be 10th of November 2015. Which is actually in line with previous releases of the Halo series. First of early November is traditional month for game releases of the franchise – Halo: Combat Evolved (the first game), Halo 2, Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection which is scheduled for the next month. Also 10th of November is actually Tuesday – also traditional day for releasing a Halo game.

All this fueled the rumors that this is the actual release date for Halo 5. For now Microsoft said only that the game will be launched “sometime in 2015”.

Microsoft denies

But the software giant went with a statement that the speculations about the release date for Halo 5 are false. “The recent rumors regarding the release date of ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ are false”, said from the company. According to the 343 Industries community coordinator the “‘clock reads different numbers everyday,” adding that he didn’t think “anyone actually knows what it stands for”. Well this doesn’t sound too convincing – you just don’t place random numbers everyday under you banner, right?

But the speculations with the photo are also long shot for the Halo community. Actually for them is better this rumor not to be true because it gives them chance that Halo 5 release date might be earlier than November 2015.

Image Credit: Brian CC

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