The bigger iPad is back in the rumors blender


The bigger iPad is back in the rumors blender. After Apple showed off only smartphones and the new smartwatch the speculations of the upcoming new wave of tablets it’s surged again. This includes the resurrection of the rumors for bigger iPad. The new information points out that the larger tablet will have 12.9 inches screen (as the previous ones), but will have improved A8X chipset. And it will be possible reveal in an Apple event sometime during this October.

For now the company from Cupertino doesn’t announce anything yet – nor a event, or confirmed some of the speculations. But most experts and tech bloggers anticipate an iPad conference in the coming month. The rumors suggests that in this event we will see at least two or three new tablets. First one is the iPad Air 2 – the thinner standard 9.7 inches device. The second device is anticipate to be the smaller iPad Mini 3 which will have 7 inches display. The Mini will not hit the shelves until early 2015 the speculations specify.

The last reports and leaks start to clarify that Apple is preparing a bigger iPad. The device it is rumored to bear the name iPad Pro and will have 12.9 inches screen. According to a Taiwanese site will have A8X chipset. This means that Apple returns to the strategy of introducing improved processors for its tablets. The company did this with the A5 and A6 chips namely A5X and A6X. When Apple introduced the A7 in September 2013 a X version never came out. The new reports suggests that the company is working with TSMC for the new chipset and it will make its debut in the bigger iPad. Well there are no information for a started production so if Apple is preparing such device it will have slim chances to see it this year. The possible release date from the speculations is for early 2015.

The rumors are reignited because of another leak of the possible tech specs for the iPad Pro’s display. A report suggests that the tablet will have two resolutions available – 2560 x 1600 pixels count and a 4k model with 4096 x 3072. This might be the first 4k device from Apple if this information is true.

Similar information we had in the weeks before the iPhone 6 launch so what is the plausibility of this rumor? Apple needs to reignite the iPad’s sales so it has logic to play on every front and screen factor – from smaller 7 inches to the bigger 12 and above inches. Also now the battle is shifting more towards the corporate world and this means tablets with improved productivity. But there are no hard evidence for now that Apple will show off bigger iPad during October. So for now – 75% chance for this rumor.

Image Credit: Mike Deerkoski

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