The biggest rumors ahead of CES 2015


CES 2015 Las Vegas

It is time for the biggest annual tech event of the year – the Consumer Electronics Show or CES is about to begin tomorrow in Las Vegas. As usual before it start there have been a lot of rumors about what to expect from the leading IT producers.

Some companies like nVidia already are starting to reveal their products, but CES will be officially open tomorrow. Nevertheless the show in Las Vegas is traditionally more focused on home technology like refrigerators and TV sets, we also may see a lot of mobile and other innovative technology debuts this year.

Here are the most interesting rumors ahead of CES that are good to watch about.

Biggest rumors ahead of CES

Samsung galaxy s6 rumors samsung galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung will have not only one but two keynotes at CES so it is very likely that they have something interesting to say. One of the speculations are about the next flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 which is expected to debut in Las Vegas.

And the rumors surrounding the next Samsung device are varying a lot. From double edged curved display, to aluminum shell, a little bit normal curded or more futuristic foldable screen. There were even some pictures leaks in December, but some of them appeared to be fake.

LG G Flex 2

The smartphone rumors are dominating the tech world before CES. One of the most certain model that may be presented in Las Vegas is the curved screen LG G Flex 2. It isn’t the true flagship from the South Korean company, its G4 is expected to arrive later this year.

Also LG made similar roadmap in 2014 as it shows the G Flex in CES and couple of months after that – the G3. It is very possible to see similar pattern from the tech giant. So it is very likely for LG to show off G Flex 2 in CES and not to wait until March and the MWC event in Barcelona.

Sony Xperia Z4

Xperia Z3, Zperia Z4 Ultra

Sony will have a press conference in CES, but the company has a lot of to offer. But the most anticipated products are under the Xperia brand. Last year the Japanese giant waited for WMC to show off its Xperia Z2 and it is possible to make the same thing with the Z4. But still there are rumors about the new flagship and it may be presented during CES. And the most interesting speculations are that Sony may expand its Xperia portfolio with bigger smartphones and tablets.

HTC One M9

The second handset with a lot of pictures leak in December was HTC One M9. It’s look like that the Taiwanese manufacturer is readying itself to present its new flagship during CES. But HTC doesn’t announce a press conference at the event in Las Vegas. Still the company could hold in its own in its boot in the exhibition area.

Xiaomi Mi5 for US market

It was rumored that the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is preparing to launch its Mi5 smartphone in the US market. And it was speculated that may have sapphire screen. But for now the company only announce its budget model Redmi2 with 64-bit Snapdragon CPU and it will cost $112. Xiaomi’s presence in CES is very limited so the speculations for a Mi5 launch in the US maybe is exaggerated.

Asus ZenPhone

Asus will have a planned press conference and this may fueled further the speculations that the Taiwanese company is preparing a new smartphone – the ZenPhone. It will be expected if Asus reveals new portfolio of hybrids and tablets, but a flagship smartphone is something different. Reports suggested that the ZenPhone will have metal casing and may arrived in CES.

Dell with a new tablet

Dell was one of the first companies which tried to challenge Apple after releasing the first iPad. But instead of making foothold in the tablet area, Dell failed with too early introduction of the phablets with its 5-inch model in 2010. Now it is rumored that Dell may try again with releasing the thinnest tablet in the market and it may presented in CES in the coming days. It is rumored to have 8-inch display and to be only 6 mm thin.

Image Credit: Brian Bilek (CC)

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