The different scenarios for the rumored Apple Car


Rumored Apple Car possibilitiesAfter days the everyone is excited for the rumored Apple Car. The recent leaks points out that the company from Cupertino is preparing a big vehicle project code named – Titan. There are few possible scenarios for what is hidden behind the new Apple venture:

– Fully integral car software

Well it maybe will not be exactly as the rumored Apple Car, but there is a big possibility for the company to develop integral vehicle software. This idea is to have everything in the car integrated into an operating system. It is not necessary for Apple to actually produce the vehicle, but it can give recommendation for the “hardware” – like Google is operating its Android system. The automotive manufacturers will have some requirements to fulfill, but in the end – they will make the cars, with their design and only the OS will be made in Cupertino.

This scenario will be attractive for Apple because it can connect the cars in a way that is impossible for the current models. And all services, apps and software ecosystem will follow int the vehicle. And for achieving this there is also require big team, which can understand the car industry and make every system software functional in the car. Add to this the possible software and hardware upgrade to make one car autonomous and you have a strong business case (see below).

Plausibility – 65%

– The rumored Apple Car – with electric engine

Now we are talking! Team this size, accompanied by big names both engineers, managers and designers suggested that the company from Cupertino is developing Apple Car. One of the possibility is for a electric vehicle to match and compete with Tesla. It is very likely to do this because of the heated relationship between the two companies, after Elon Musk’s manufacturer starts to steal Apple’s engineers.

The tech giant doesn’t have the manufacturing capabilities, so it is more likely to design the vehicle and give it to subcontractors to actually produce it. Like Apple does with its other consumer electronics. This scenario has some problems. There aren’t so much companies which can make the rumored Apple Car as subcontractors. The big players have both development and producing capabilities. The automotive industry is more complicated than the consumer electronics.

Why electric? Every tech company which has car projects relies on electric vehicles – Google, Tesla and etc. Elon Musk shows how a tech minded people can make good electromotive cars. But there are some challenges for the rumored Apple Car to be an electric one – how to make durable battery packs, fast charging and etc.

Plausibility for home produced Apple Car – 25%

Plausibility for outsourced production – 65%

– The autonomous car

The speculations from a week ago supports the possibility that Apple is testing a self-driving car. The blue minivans equipped with cameras, lasers, radars and other technology are looking more like the Google autonomous vehicles. But those also may only photographed the streets like Google Street.

Still it is possible for Apple to experiment with self-driving technology. A lot of experts poised this as the future of the automotive industry, but there are some hurdles before robotic cars to start to lure the streets – both technological and legislative.

There are two possibilities. The first one is the tech giant is preparing the rumored Apple Car with autonomous functionality. The second one is to create a universal (for some models) add on for the vehicles already on the roads. Like the set top box Apple can install this technology and make the car autonomous. This model is successfully implied by Google for the smartphones and tablets with its Android OS.

This hypothesis has some flaws. It will be very problematic for Apple to adjust the add on to every vehicle also there will be some software and even hardware hurdles or incompatibilities with the serial cars. And Apple doesn’t like to not have the full control. Which makes this possibility for the rumored Apple car highly unlikely.

Possibility for self-driving Apple Car – 65%

Possibility for Apple Auto Drive (for example) add on – 20%

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