The fake photo of Samsung Galaxy S6


Fake photo of samsung galaxy s6

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 generated a lot of rumors, as of the most interesting is the leaked fake photo of the device. The image appeared on a Dutch website which it claims that this will be the new flagship smartphone from the South Korean company. It appeared to show a prototype of the new device.

After that a lot of tech blogs started to express their frustration and disappointment of the fact, that the new handset it’s almost identical to the current model.


Well it seems they were wrong and this was a fake photo of Samsung Galaxy S6. It is actually a Galaxy S5 but photoshoped to look with a bigger screen and slightly different front camera placement.

The discovery was made by a French site who found out the original photo. It has the same background, but with a subdued colors. The smartphone in the original one is hold with its screen on, but in the fake photo the screen is blacken. The display is edited to be a little bit bigger, with very thin bezel from the side.

After the images roll out the Web they ignited a wave of speculations that the new device will be the same with a bigger but ordinary screen. Well nothing is define for now after the revelation of the fake photo of Samsung Galaxy S6.

There are also another speculations that are trying to bust the rumors regarding the release date. Most tech blogs are convinced that Samsung will show its new smartphone in CES in Las Vegas in January. But according to a new report from Business Insider, quoting close sources to the company, the tech giant will focus more on TV and other consumers electronics during CES. So it is possible that we may see the new Samsung Galaxy S6 ready for the MWC in Barcelona which it is schedule for March.

This scenario is very possible because there are not enough “hard” leaks to show something from the device or reports for a started or planned production.

Plausibility for the fake photos of Smasung Galaxy S6 – 90%

Plausibility for a March release date – 65%

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