The good and old rumors for Apple TV are back


There have been rumors for Apple TV set for years, but now again the speculations about such device are back. For now the only effort that the company of Cupertino ever made in this area is the AppleTV – which is just a set top box. The small device wasn’t a big success and it was overshadowed by products like iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro. Some people still wonder if Apple will introduce a real and game changing TV set. But others are still thinking that this is just an urban legend or the company already shelved the idea some time ago.

It take some time but after Apple announce the long waited smartwatch, rumors for purportedly iTV emerged once again. In an investors note analyst Gene Munster wrote that Apple maybe is still working on its own television set. The iTV is his mantra, he is forecasting that it will come from years and years, and now he returned to it.

“Given how many times we have predicted a television and have yet to see one launch, it may be easy to dismiss our insistence of the television,” Munster said. After that he pointed out that the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the TV is “stuck in the 70’s” and this is the reason that the company is interested into it. But Cook also noted, that Apple already has some solution for it – with its Apple TV is still a strike in the traditional concept of this type of consumers electronics. Munster reach the conclusion that “we believe the evidence remains that something is there, the question remains when”. His prediction is that 2015 is little bit unlikely for Apple to reveal such product, because it will focus more on Apple Watch and possible on the bigger iPad. So Munster is opt in more for 2016 as a possible release date.

Disrupting the TV model was a dream of Steve Jobs and in his biography there is a note that he “felt that it may figure out how to cracked it”. One is for sure Apple is still looking into this segment, but for now there are no evidence that the company is preparing to entry this very hard and traditional market. The biggest obstacles are that the right holders are more fierce than the ones of the music industry. We’ve seen some cracks from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but because of the right holders those companies barely made some profits from them. Also in the TV sets category we talk to a very thin margins. Apple loves big margins and profits generated from a single product so this is a further issue.

In the foreseen future there is a little bit more plausible rumor – that Apple is preparing 27-inches 5k display for its iMacs. According to a LCD market researcher WitsView the new screen will boast a 5120 x 2880 resolution and it will be unveiled later this year. The current company’s model Thunderbolt has only 2560 x 1440 resolution. If this come true, that may lay some ground for possible TV set, but it is still a long shot. Plausibility? TV set in 2015 – 10%, in 2016 – 25%, Nasty monitor – 65%.

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