The iPhone 6 assassin – Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming


The war just begun – Apple unleashed its iPhone 6 and now it is time for Samsung to respond with its new Galaxy S6. Yes, the South Korean flagship smartphone is under way! And its only purpose is to destroy the new bigger iPhone. The rumors are that it will go live in the first months of the next year. It will have metal casing, like the Galaxy Alfa which means no more plastic for the Samsung’s flagships. But will it be enough? The company from Seoul don’t think so.

The screen will be larger with 4k resolution or some other rumor suggest only quad HD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED. If Samsung wants to equal the game from LG’s challenge it will definitely needs 4K resolution. It is small, but still a possibility to see some type of curved screen. The company already shows us the Galaxy Edge and it will be no surprise if it include similar features to the S6.

The internals also needs a boost. Expect something like 64-bit architecture processor Quadcomm’s Snapdragon 808 or 810. The first one is six core and the second one – whole eight cores. Also to keep the beautiful pictures there will be Adreno 430 GPU. There are no confirmation for the RAM – possible 4GB, but this is just a wild guess, only because the last Note got 3GB. The camera maybe will have some buff, there are speculations about 20-megapixel one, but with only few rumors mention this.

One of the biggest questions is about the OS. Because Samsung’s home brew Tizen operating system is finished and it is included in the new Galaxy Gear smartwatches, there were some speculations about ditching the good old Android. But for now Samsung confirms its partnership with Google and the chances that we will see the first flagship not based on Android are very, very slim. So the bets are, that Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with the new (still unreleased) Android L.

The other feature with big plausibility is the fingerprinting sensor. Samsung already includes this stuff in some of its tablets and smartphones, so we may see it in the Galaxy S6. Also it will retain the heart rate monitor and the Micro SD slot.

Samsung needs to react if the company wants to keep the momentum and to stay on the top. So it is not the question will it release the new S6, the questions are – how fast we can see it in the market and will it have the killer feature to oppose the iPhone 6.

Image Credit (Galaxy S5 is shown): Kārlis Dambrāns

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