The most plausible iPhone 6 leak


There are tens or even hundreds of leaked videos and pictures for the the new iPhone 6. Most of them shows only certain parts of the long rumored device and don’t go in dept analysis. But just days before the Apple’s event in Cupertino next week there is a very detail leak video from the Russian  YouTube user Rozetked. In which he shows the 4.7 inches iPhone 6 – without grainy pictures or just glimpse of the device. But instead he goes in very deep hardware analysis of the new smartphone. It appears the most plausible and detail leak for the iPhone 6 so far.

The phone shown by Rozetked is 4.7-inches model and it looks a lot like the device shown in other leaked photos so far. It comes in “space gray” which is identical to the current space gray iPhone 5S. The first impressions of the device are that the power button is now located on the side frame in all current iPhones it is located on the top of the device.

The new model is thinner and it has metal frame and casing. The video confirmed that Apple will use the liquidmetal  – special amorphous metal alloys with better strength and anti-corrosion abilities. But there is a little catch – this new material will be used only for the iconic Apple logo in the back. Which is… to little to change the overall properties of the phone. All other parts of the case and frame will be from aluminum alloy. The top part of the phone will be plastic for better reception of the antenna.

The internal hardware of the shown device is equipped with the new A8 processor and has NFC chip – both are rumored and very plausible in the final product. Rozetked also point out that the screen is not made from sapphire.

Because of the great detail of the video it looks like the device is almost the real iPhone 6. So it is very possible that we will see this phone next Thursday in the hands of Tim Cook.

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