The new iPhone 6S will not look like the current model


Force Touch for the new iPhone 6sThe new iPhone 6S most probably will not look like the current models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. After the launch of the Apple Watch the rumors about the next smartphone from the tech giant are mounting.

Some of them are about using new metal alloys, other including some new features which may make the device different from the models Apple is selling today.

Force Touch in the new iPhone 6S

One of the possible features is the addition of the Force Touch technology. Apple is planning to integrated in the new iPhone 6S this feature which is now in use in Apple Watch. The Force Touch allows the device to recognize how harder the user interacts with the sensor display.

But this technology will add 0.2 mm to the thickness of the device and effectively make the new iPhone 6S more bulky than the current models.

The addition of the Force Touch is not yet officially confirmed, but the way Apple is planning to upgrade the iOS and make it similar to the wearable interface make this rumor very plausible.

Different device with new dimensions

But the new iPhone 6S will not be only more thicker, it will be wider and taller with about 0.15 mm, according to the rumors. Thus it will make it not the exact copy of its predecessor. The other S-models have identical chassis with the previous versions and have mainly internal upgrades.

There are also unofficial information of using a new aluminum allow from the current iPhone 6 line. It will be called 7000-series aluminum and it will be more resilient. With this measure Apple wants to avoid any bending problems with the new iPhone 6S. The new alloy is now using to produce the Apple Watch Sport version of the company’s wearable.

The information comes from a recent hint from a Apple’s supplier that it may produce a new parts for other devices with the 7000-series aluminum.

So is it plausible?

If Apple integrated the Force Touch into the new iPhone 6S it will effect its thickness because of the additional layer of sensors to the display. The rumored changes in the dimensions are not so big and will not be easy to notice by the ordinary users. But it will make some iPhone 6 accessories incompatible with the new deice.

It is a risky move, but Apple needs to get more new features if it wants to have some selling point of its next smartphone.

Plausibility – 65%

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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