The new iPhone: plausible rumors


There is almost no doubt that Apple will reveal it’s new smartphone at it’s 9th of September event in San Francisco. Still there are a lot of questions about the the new device which for now has the informal . Especially the features for the new device who may be named as iPhone 6. So here are the most noticeable rumors about what maybe Apple is cooking for us.

There will be two models – like the previous refreshment of the iPhone line in which the company introduces the “budget” iPhone 5C with the plastic case and the “luxurious” iPhone 5S  it is expected that Apple will make the same move. But with significant differences. First of all there will be the so expected big screen smartphone. The stakes are for 5.5 inches display and a smaller 4.7 inch which is still bigger than the current 5S and 5C models. That is huge for Apple because till now it restricted its smartphones to 4 inches screens which are too small to match the current flagship models of the competition – which starts from 5 inches and stops just before the tablet category with 6 inches phablet monsters. The pressure is mounting so it is almost certain that Apple will introduce bigger iPhone, the question is will it dump the current 4 inch format and move to the bigger 4.7 inches for it’s second model? There is a 50% chance for either thing.

The new sapphire screens – the ground changing feature of the new iPhones will be not the size of the screen but the material that will protect it. Apple is betting more than 700 million dollars for the production a synthetic version of this durable material. The rumors are that the company will integrate it in its new big display smartphones. But there is a catch – the cost of manufacturing the smartphones will skyrocket in the sky. So will the price of the iPhone. There are slight possibility to integrate the sapphire in the new iWatch but this is also doubtful, because there are not enough evidence of production of such smart watches. Even if Apple wants it for the iPhone there is a chance that the manufacturer of the sapphire – GT Advanced Technologies to manage the big demands for hardened screens.

Three color iPhones – like the iPhone 5S there are alleged pictures of the new smartphone cases which come in silver, gray and gold. After the gold releasing of the iPhone 5S, this is very plausible rumor so we can expect such move from the company.

NFC incorporated – WIRED magazine confirmed that the next iPhone will finally include mobile payment system and NFC technology. The incorporation of Near Field Communication technology was rumored for a lot of time before the revealing of the current models, but wasn’t included. Now Apple maybe thinks there is a room for this kind of solutions and will include it for the next iPhones. Well the reason is more simpler than we think – to reinforce the iBeacons which Apple is betting hard for changing the brick and mortar stores and combine it for easy shopping and payments.

Image credit: Jimmy Lin

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