The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge dilemma


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One of the most interesting rumors in the past weeks is about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or the idea that the next flagship from the South Korean company may apply some new design features in it. Like an edged display similar to the current Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The speculations suggested that Samsung may use curved display as its innovative model from this year. This will be a good differentiator from the other flagship smartphones and boost sales. According to ZDnet it is possible that the tech giant will make a separate variant with curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Double Edge

There are even bold rumors that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have double curved edges. But this scenario isn’t very likely to happen. Curved double edges will create problems with holding the handset and also will start to confuse the users.

The possibility for a curved edge model was hinted by Kim Nam-su, a senior Samsung designer and an architect of the Note Edge. He said that this design feature will be the future of the company’s smartphones.

“A change in the platform can bring about a variety of new considerations… I think a curved screen is a big solution for overcoming those challenges”, he said, quoted by Reuters.

To stand out from the crowd

Sounds logical – because now every big smartphone manufacturer relies on some feature to lure the consumers. Apple – for its thin design, Nokia (now just Microsoft’s Lumia) – for its superior camera, Sony prefers to have waterproof devices, LG – thin bezel and curved displays. There is nothing left for Samsung. The company reportedly works on its own curved smartphones, but LG has the traditional ones. So the biggest smartphone manufacturer may prefer to stay with the edge design, which is for now unique in the handset world.

But there is also some bad news – according to the latest reports we may not see an Edge model for Samsung Galaxy S6. At least not in its debut. There is possibility that a curved edge version may appear some months after the initial model. The all information is still very speculative, so if this rumor is true – the reasons are unknown for now. The most logical explanation is that there is not enough feedback from the consumers and will they accept this kind of feature. Or a curved edge model may pump up too much the final price of the device.

Plausibility for an edged Samsung Galaxy S6 – 50%

For two curved edge screen – 0% (hell no!)

Image Credit: Samsung

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