Unofficial update for Windows 10 Preview leaked


Microsoft Windows 10 Preview

New version of Windows 10 Preview leaked in Internet as Microsoft is struggling to release an official one to the testers. The software company has some problems to fix some bugs and it now is facing delay to fulfill the promise to the developers.

Originally Microsoft planned to release a technical preview of its new operating system in January. But testers and developers are frustrated as the software giant is delaying updates for Windows 10 Preview.

The new version of Windows 10 Preview is available unofficially on torrent file sharing sites. It is a build numbered 10036 and made some improvements to the UI and some other changes.

The Start Menu is now transparent, there is new UI for Wi-Fi connectivity and there are some improvements to the virtual desktops. In the new version of Windows 10 Preview users can now easily drag and drop apps between the different desktops.

Some Microsoft’s officials admitted that the company is acting a little bit conservative and defensive with the updates, as it tries to clean them from bugs and problems. The software giant will quick up the pace of updates to the Windows 10 Preview, which will lead to technical issues to the users.

Still the leaked version in the torrent world doesn’t includes a lot of changes. Additional to the UI improvements there are some new icons in the new Windows 10 Preview build.

Microsoft is testing the new icons, which includes new one for the Recycle Bin, but frankly, it needed to start from the scratch.

But for the all Windows Insiders (or testers with access to the Technical Preview) the real deal will come in someone of the next updates. According to the rumors Microsoft will include in its next version for Windows 10 Preview the new browser – Project Spartan.

It will be the new lightweight web browser from the company from Redmond. In time it will replace the aging Internet Explorer. It will be a difficult task, but if it succeed it can return Microsoft to the dominant place in the web browsing.

As Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome are chewing your RAM memory for breakfast right now there is a need for a good browser.

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