What to expect from Apple’s event today


Apple's event for Apple WatchWith hours away from Apple’s event the pressure what exactly we will see is on. The most important thing will be the details for Apple Watch – prices, availability, apps and accessories. Other includes rumors for a new 12-inches MacBook Air, an update to iOS.

The least plausible are the unveiling of larger iPad, Apple TV and new music streaming service.

The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple’s first smarwatch will be in the spotlight for today’s event. It is expected from the company from Cupertino to unveil more details about its new wearable. The most interesting of them are the exact prices of the three different types of Apple Watch. Especially the Edition version which will be a 18-karat gold model.

Prices for the most luxurious Apple device can reach up to $19,000 – a ridiculous sum for a smartwatch.

Other details includes – the type and prices of the bands, because they also will contribute to the price of the device. And also will Apple Watch be open for a third party bands.

Some questions may not have an immediate answer. Like the battery life of the device. There are rumors that Apple Watch may endure hours and not days when it’s used actively.

Here you can read the round up for the smartwatch rumors before Apple’s event.

The 12-inch MacBook

apple 12-inch macbook airThe rumors for a 12-inch MacBook Air were around for some while. And even pictures with some details leaked with the new device. It will have a polished design and a changed keyboard. Also according to the report it will ditch the standard size USB port and SD card slot. The only thing that will remain will be the USB Type-C port in the side.

In the Apple’s event there is still a possibility for the tech giant to continue with its 11 and 13-inches compact laptops. The new models could come with an upgraded processors and displays.

Also there are some reports for a 13-inches Retina display MacBook Pro.

New iOS update

With the launch of the smartwatch an update for iOS is almost certain. The mobile platform will need some tweaks to work more seamlessly because of the connection between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. The rumors for this update surfaced few months ago, with the revealing of the Companion app.

In the Apple’s event it is most likely to see a minor update, rather than a big overhaul of the mobile platform.

Without iPad Pro at today’s Apple’s event

Not all expectations from the fans will materialize at today’s Apple’s event. For instance – there will be no larger screen iPad Pro. The latest reports from this unconfirmed device pointed that the production is delayed until September.

So most probably we will not see the new tablet in the next half an year. Other big absence from Apple’s event will be the new music streaming service. According to the rumors, the resurrection of Beats Music is also postponed for the Worldwide Developer’s Congress (WWDC).

The Apple’s event called “Spring Forward” is scheduled for 10 am. Pacific Time.

Image Credit: Daniel Torres Bonatto, Apple

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