What to expect from tomorrow’s Samsung Galaxy S6 launch


Samsung galaxy s6 launch eventWith few hours remaining before the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, here is an overview what to expect from the new device. And this time the South Korean company has no room for mistake. The last quarter Apple’s sales skyrocketed and now the company from Cupertino even the score as Vendor №1 matching those of Samsung. So the South Korean tech giant needs a real ace in the sleeve to get back in the game. So we have couple of hours to see what the tech company is prepared for its flagship smartphone.

Aluminum case – 90%

When HTC pulled out aluminum casing nobody batch an eye. When Apple did it, well it made a record sales. So now it is time for Samsung to put some metal in its premium devices. So it will be no surprise if we see an aluminum case smartphone in Samsung Galaxy S6 launch tomorrow. There are multiple reports about it and it is one of the almost 100% sure rumors before the debut of the new device.

New processor, but no Snapdragon 810 – 85%

One very plausible report suggests that Samsung is ditching Qualcomm’s processors and it’s developing its own. So the new chipset Snapdragon 810 may be absent in the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event. The new device may have new CPU made in-house.

Two models – one with curved edged display – 85%

Unlike its predecessors the new Galaxy S6 may come in two versions. One will be traditional 5-inch model with aluminum case. The second one will come with a curved edge screen. It was partially confirmed by the invitations for the event which are showing silhouette of such curved device. The new smartphone will be similar to the Galaxy Note Edge released in limited quantities last year. But the rumors are splitting in two for the display – will it be curved on the one edge, or in the both? It is more reasonable to believe for only one curved edge – because sounds more ergonomically and practical. But on tomorrow’s Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event we may see some surprises. There is some chance for the tech giant to unveil a model with two sided curved edge screen.

Big camera – 80%

The latest rumors ahead of MWC suggested that we may see a lot of vendors to try to buff up the camera in effort to stand out from the crowd. Similar rumors are coming from Samsung too. The reports are that the new flagship from Samsung will have 20 MP camera. Similar rumors are for the new HTC One M9 which is also expected to debut tomorrow in MWC.

New NFC payment system – 60%

Samsung acquired LoopPay im mid-February. This startup has technology that turns the card-readers in the markets to became a NFC enabled payment devices. It uses electro-magnetic signals emitted from the smartphone to the terminal. It is possible that Samsung may enable this feature in its premium phones. But it is doubtful that it will be ready for tomorrow. The deal was announced a week ago and there is no time to be implemented for the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event.

Foldable display – 10%

Alongside with the curved edge screen there are some rumors about foldable display. A three way fold in the AMOLED panel and the device which allows it to fold it like a sandwich. But the edge version is almost confirmed so this possibility is unlikely.

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch livestream

The countdown is up and brace for “What’s next” from the South Korean tech giant. The Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event is tomorrow in 8:30 p.m. CET in Barcelona. It will have an official livestreaming here:

Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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