What we know about the Apple iPhone 7

What we know about the Apple iPhone 7
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The rumor mill about the next iPhone is gaining speed. Which is to be expected since we are less than three months from the premiere of the next generation.

As always, the next Apple iPhone will be unveiled sometime in September. Given the lackluster year for smartphones in general, a lot of interest has been placed on the next iPhone which is expected to wow users and analysts.

So what are the latest rumors about the Apple iPhone 7?

We begin with the name. No, no, relax. It will still be called iPhone. Thing is, Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities, a guy who often predicts things about Apple with different success, says the next iPhone has so much new stuff, that Apple will jump the tradition of using the S-marker and instead of iPhone 6S, the new iPhone will be called iPhone 7 (phew, that’s a lot of iPhone-s in a sentence).

To be honest, we expect that the name will be iPhone 6S, but hey, you never know. Apple may need something to surprise us…

Another thing that Kuo expects is that the new iPhone will come in two sizes – 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Plus version, kinda like the current generation. Given the success of the iPhone 6 Plus we agree. It is a no-brainer for Apple, so there will for sure be two versions… maybe even three, you never know. Some say a 4-inch iPhone is in the works. Then again, that has been said time and time again and it never happened. It’s actually a pointless move, so don’t expect it.

Now for something more interesting. Kuo says that Apple may use the same aluminum it uses for the Apple Watch Sport’s casing. This aluminum is 60% more durable than the one used for the current iPhone. Sadly the screen is not expected to use sapphire glass which would make the new iPhone quite a tough little bugger. Instead, the new, stronger aluminum, which is also thicker, may make the next iPhone a tad bigger than the current one. Oh, well…

Here’s a biggie. The next iPhone won’t have a home button. Now THAT is a rumor. Digitimes reports that Apple is working on a new desing that waves goodbye to the hardware button. Instead, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is integrated into the screen. Sadly, don’t expect this one. Apple is pretty adamant that there is a big need for a home button on the iPhone and has said it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, the company may experiment with such designs, but it does that all the time.

Another rumor – the camera is about to get a lot, lot better. The camera on the iPhone has always been a crowd favorite, but recent efforts from Microsoft’s Lumia range and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 have put the iPhone camera on notice. Apple analyst John Grubber says the next smartphone from Apple will have “the biggest camera jump ever”. He expects new technology from the company LinX that Apple bought recently to be at the forefront of the next camera.

Kuo also joins in on the new camera party. He says Apple will use bigger and better sensors for both the front and read cameras. The rear will come with a 12-megapixel shooter while the front one will support 1080p video recording, panoramic mode and… whoosh – a flash. It is about time that Apple upgrades the cameras, so we are pretty certain that will happen. Apart from the flash for the front. That doesn’t seem likely.

Instead, there will be new software features. The phone will ship with iOS 9 which will house lots of improvements, new services like Apple Music and etc. Amongst them is expected that the iPhone 7, or 6S, take your pick, will be able to add 3D effects to your photos. Macquaire even suggests a duo camera setup for real 3D pictures. Don’t hold your breath though, as 3D never really caught on and it doesn’t seem likely Apple will waste time to revive it.

Instead, expect the new iPhone to use the Force Touch technology what the company showed off for its new MacBook and Apple Watch. This means what using different pressure when touching the screen will allow you to call specific features or actions depending on the app and current screen.

Finally, the next iPhone will house all the new hardware, complete with the improved processor in a pink shell. That is what The Wall Street Journal expects, at the least. Rumor has it Apple has been testing a pink color option for the body of the next iPhone. The company is always experimenting with different colors but the end decision comes down to what the consumer demand is and how the color looks in various lights and how the pigment reacts with the aluminum. So put this rumor in the “maybe”pile for now.

With the closing of the new Apple iPhone 7 premiere, things will get a lot heated, so there will be alot more rumors to blend. Stay tuned! We’re just getting started!

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