WhatsApp is rumored to introduce voice calls


whatsapp voice callsWhatsApp is rumored to introduce voice calls soon, a long-waited feature, that is on the table for more than an year. The popular messaging app is still lacking of voice option and the company hinted many times it is under development.

There is no official information when it will be available, but according to the last leaks pointed out that it may be introduce soon. Voice calls were expected to be included with the latest updates to WhatsApp. But they were only minor changes and no new features are included.

But with the update come some interesting information in the file folders of the application, spotted by an user in Reddit. It has a folder named WhatsApp Calls and this fueled the speculations that the company which is now part of Facebook is preparing to introduce the voice calls features.

Including such folder hints that WhatsApp is very close to add calls functionality very soon. In February 2014 the start up company was acquired by Facebook for the staggering $16 bln. The messaging app has more than 600 mln. users worldwide and for a lot of experts and customers are waited to use it for a voice calls. The lack of such features still makes apps like Viber and Skype more versatile especially in the corporate market.

WhatsApp said on a multiple occasions that is working on a voice calls, but never specify when it will be ready and available for the users. And now after it release its desktop version the pressure for such feature will mount.

The folders can be two things. First one is that the WhatsApp developers are close to releasing the feature. The second possibility is just someone tweak the system folders and create or rename one. This means the rumor is a hoax, but still WhatsApp is working on a voice calls and it is matter of time to release it to the public.

Plausibility for a real folder – 60%

Image Credit: Abul Hussain (CC)

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