Which rumors Apple confirmed at its iPhone event


Apple really knows how to please the crowd. This year company’s event in September was really memorable. We have two new iPhones with new form factors, mobile payments and at last – the long waited smartwatch. Few days before the actual event in California, there was a real flood of leaks with Biblical proportions what to expect from Cupertino’s behemoth. And this time we have a lot of confirmed rumors.


Confirmed rumors for the new iPhones.

– There will be two new models – Apple reveals iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

– The name will be iPhone 6. Well the leaks are only for one name and there was never a debate how Apple will differentiate the two models. Now we know – the bigger is iPhone 6 Plus.

– The new smartphones will come in two new form factors with size of the screen – 4.7 inches and the second one with 5.5 inches display.

– Both will have NFC chips, A8 processors and new curved design.

– They will include new touch keyboards.

– iPhone 6 will come in three colors – silver, black and gold.


Confirmed rumors for the smartwatch

– First of all that Apple will show off its new smartwatch – in the keynote it was just after the “one more thing” moment.

– It will have square design with touch screen.

– Will incorporate sapphire reinforced screen.

– It has fitness tracker, which will monitor the users vital health data.

– The smartwatch will be used in pair with the iPhone.

– And it will enable NFC and mobile payments.

– It will not be available for sale this year and Apple will start to sell it in the early 2015.


Mobile payments and others

– At last Apple will adopt NFC and mobile payments – but with fully completed service.

– The introducing of a mobile wallet.

– Which will work with the big players in the card industry like Visa, Master Card and American Express.

– And users can shop from places like MacDonald’s and Disney shops and parks. To the list Apple adds Staples, Macy’s Bloomingdale’s, Walgreens, Whole Foods and more than 22 000 retailers – mainly in the US.

– iOS 8 will come after few days.


With this move Apple goes into the enemy’s territory with full arsenal. The company enters the market for the bigger screen smartphones and phablest, also will hit the newly and fresh niche of smartwatches. And the big guns are reserved for the mobile payments which are not restricted only to put a NFC chip into iPhones – it revealed a fully functional mobile payment system and service. So its starts the interesting times for the mobile technology. No iPad in the list? “Busted rumors” article is coming soon!

Image Credit: bargainmoose (CC)

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