Will be there a physical keyboard for the iPad Pro

iPad Pro keyboard
iPad Pro may have only physical keyboard and additional third party choices, which sometimes are not looking the best. Image Credit: bm.iphone (Flickr/CC)

Apple loves to advertise its products and especially loves to underline that the iPad and iPhone can work without any physical keyboard. The extensive rumors about the possible launch of a larger tablet from the tech giant from Cupertino are suggesting, that the new device will have such feature. This will be unusual, because in the presentation for the debut of the iPhone the key moment was the absence of real buttons unlike the most models smartphones back then.

The harsh corporate world

This tradition continued with the iPad. From the first model till now Apple is trying to convince everyone that physical keyboard is prat of the past. In every advertising for the tablet we see plenty of people working with the device without such accessory. The harsh reality is that most professionals needs physical keyboard and this is one of the reasons why iPad is still not so popular for corporate users.

The rumored iPad Pro has to change this perception and to make a breakthrough in the business segment. This is why most speculations are favoring that Apple will add in-house physical keyboard, like Microsoft did with their Surface tablets.

But will it make such move? It is against the company’s policy from the day Steve Jobs decided to refocus Apple to the mobile device market. It was also the main selling point for the iPad – simple use, without additional accessories.

The different approach for iPad Pro

There are some assumptions – one is that Apple will break Jobs legacy and get to direct clash with Microsoft and the Surface line. The second is that the company is trying to adapt the virtual keyboard. To make it more friendly for typing and there are some hints about this speculation.

The first one is the introduction of Force Touch. This is the technology which measure the different pressure made by the user on the touch screen. If you hold and push more it open some new interface features and commands. It open up a little bit the current touch controls.

Force Touch is implemented in Apple Watch and the newer 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro and is expected to be included in the refurbished version of the iPhone 6 this Autumn. So it is very plausible to see this feature in the next generation tablets and why not in the iPad Pro.

How Apple can use it for better typing? Well easy – it will require the consumer to press a little bit harder the screen when using the virtual keyboard. This will allowed the user to rest its hands on the display and also will reduce the mistypes.

Also, Apple is working to improve the keyboard for its tablets. Developers find out that there is a hidden new virtual keyboard in iOS 9. If you expand the size of the screen above the current size of the iPad it shows a new keyboard. This may be a sign what the virtual keyboard for the new iPad Pro will look like. It is more ergonomic and practical from the current one and duplicate the current physical one from the 12-inch MacBook.

A small dose of skepticism

Those improvements may be not enough to lure the businessmen and people to work with the bigger iPad Pro. Still the physical keyboard is the best way to type text, especially some models. Microsoft’s version for Surface Pro is ideal for this kind of work. You still can have some feedback from the display, but there will no such thing when you try to write without watching the keyboard.

It is a big hurdle we see how Apple will resolve this issue. The Force Touch and wider keyboard sounds good, but will may be not enough for ditching the physical one. Still, almost definitely will see a third party accessories with such feature if iPad Pro hit the market.

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