Windows 10 Mobile may launch in September


The Windows 10 Mobile may be launched in September according to the latest rumors. Microsoft already set the release date for its new operating system Windows 10 for 29th of July, but it is the upgrade for the current PC machines and tablets. The Mobile version is known that will be launched a little bit latter after the initial debut of the new OS.

But still there is no official confirmation about when the smartphones will have access to it. Windows 10 will replace both Windows 8 for desktops and tablets, as also the Windows Phone platform for mobile phones. The idea of Microsoft is to have one platform for all devices.

Still optimizing the OS fro smaller screens is a little harder so the software giant is needed more time to have a final version for smartphones.

Leak presentation for Windows 10 Mobile launch

According to the new leaked presentation slide Windows 10 will be available for mobile devices in the late September.

The slide hints that the mobile SKUs for the Windows 10 will be available in the next quarter. This means it will be available for Q3 this year which ends in 30th of September.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 for free for all existing PC users with Home and Pro versions of Windows 7 and 8.

New Windows and new Lumia flagships

The rumor for September release of Windows 10 Mobile looks plausible in a way because Microsoft’s plans to launch new high-end Lumia devices in the end of 2015.

It may come with two new Lumia devices which are expected to be revealed by Microsoft later this year. The smartphone line of the software giant needs fresh blood to compete the high-end part of the market. Now this part is dominated by iPhone 6 from Apple and some Android models like LG’s G4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6.  The new Lumia smarthpones will target the premium users and it may heat up the battle in this segment.

So there is a big chance to see the smartphone version of Windows 10 in the late September.

Plausibility for September launch of Windows 10 Mobile – 75%

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