Windows 9 may be free for Windows 8 users


“Free Windows” sounds like joke in the tech world, if you said on loud the people will though that you are crazy. But Microsoft may go all in into the battle this time with its new Windows 9. The company has scheduled an invite-only event for Tuesday 30th of September. On it it will reveal the new operating system that will succeed the not-so-loved from the consumers Windows 8.

There are enough rumors for what to expect from the new version – virtual desktops, no charms, new Notification center, the return of the Start button and many more. But the last report suggest that the Windows 9 (or Project Threshold) will be FREE for Windows 8 users. And the speculations doesn’t come from the Silicon Valley or some German site (like the previous ones). This time it came from Indonesia and the local Microsoft’s manager Andreas Diantoro. He said for Jakarta Today that Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade to the new version absolutely for free.

For decades Microsoft charges for every new version of its operating system. But now the company is pressured from the competition and from the new mobile devices like tablets. On those Android or iOS gadgets consumers gets free update to the newest version of the software platform if its available for them. And by this a lot of speculations surfaced in the previous months that Microsoft may go with the free model for its desktop OS. But now we have some confirmation from a company’s executive.

It is a risky move, but may be a good compensation for the Windows 8 users most of them became upset with the not clean hybrid interface which is optimized for both desktop and touchscreen devices. PC users are complaining that the lack of a traditional Start menu is not productive. The tablet users have some headaches with the multitasking between traditional desktop applications and the new Modern ones. The free upgrade will move Microsoft to the new era of the digital battlefield, but may cost dearly for the company. Because most of the revenues comes from sales of Windows and Office licenses. The software giant may lose some money because of this switch and if Windows 9 could not grab the users it will be in a very big problem.

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