Windows 9 rumors are heating up (round up)


With Microsoft is preparing for potential release of Windows 9 (or Project Threshold there is no official name at the moment) for developers the rumors for the new features exponentially heating up. Before weeks the speculations were that the software company will drop out the Charms and will introduce new virtual desktops. Now there is a serious leak with video of some of the new features of the Windows 9. They showed the new virtual desktops, the returning of the Start menu and a new Notification center.

The most anticipated possible feature will be the returning of the Start Menu. It disappear in Windows 8 along with the Start button in favor of the new Modern start menu. The button however made a return in 8.1 version, but it still transfer the user to the Modern interface instead of opening a bar menu in the desktop mode. But the fully functional Start Menu is back. Now in the leaked video is shown that Microsoft made an interesting decision (if we see in the final version). The company’s software engineers incorporates the Modern start menu in the new desktop one. So we have the traditional bar menu opened by the Start button, but in the right field the user can actually pin its Live tiles of different apps the same way it did in the Modern menu. That’s cool because it is very easy to click or touch the bigger icons. Also this are Live tiles so they show some basic information. They can be arranged by user’s choice and are not preset. The left field it is with the traditional bar of the Start menu, so we have a combination between the two interfaces. This rumor is very plausible because it is consistent with the Microsoft’s idea of blending the Modern touch screen interface with the good and old Desktop one. Also, most consumers are still mad of the company’s idea to remove the beloved Start menu. You can see a short demonstration from the German site bellow. Which is by the way the main source of this rumor.

The same German site also release two other videos showing how the new virtual desktops will look like and a new Notification center. The first is actually creating multiple desktops for easy multitasking and would give the user better scrolling between apps with touch screen. The video shows you only one Modern virtual desktop and two traditional, so you can easily browse between them with multiple apps opened. It was demonstrate on PC but it will help not only the traditional users, but also the tablet users too. This is one of the most plausible from the Windows 9 rumors and the previous speculations pointed out similar feature.

The third rumor about the new Windows 9 or Threshold is the introducing a new Notification center. Both Microsoft’s OS – mobile and PC – didn’t have such feature at least not in the extend and simple to use than the one from their competitors. The last video from the German site shows us a little bit bigger Notification center compare to the one from Windows 8.1. It has bigger icons and it’s easy to operate if you have touch screen. But well, frankly it looks ugly. It is very plausible, but let us hope that Microsoft will modify it a little bit in the final version.

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