YotaPhone 2 to be revealed in December


YotaPhone 2 is set to be revealed in December. The Russian company said that it will make a conference at 3rd of next month and will show off the new device.

YotaPhone 2 was loosely presented in the Mobile World Congres in Barcelona early this year. The Russian company showed in February¬† just a tech prototype, but didn’t provide details and tech specs. The only thing that the engineers in the Yota booth said was that the second edition of the dual display smartphone will have better, bigger and touch sensitive e-ink display. The current model doesn’t have this feature.

Rumors about the YotaPhone 2

From February to date we didn’t heard a lot from the Russian company. It said that the YotaPhone 2 is scheduled for “some time this year”, but without to specify a exact date. With only a month remaining it is good that the Russians will manage to launch the device.

And in the past week there were extensive leaks about the tech specs and other details about the YotaPhone 2.

According to the recent speculations the device will be pretty expensive, at least in the EU. It is possible that it will go on sale for 699 euros, the same price as the base iPhone 6 without contract. The previous plausible range was for 499 euros.

Leaked tech specs

Also there was a leak with more detail tech specs for the new YotaPhone 2. According to the rumors it will have 4.7 inches e-ink fully touchable screen, the same size normal LCD display. Quad-core processor Qualcomm, 2300 mAh battery with wireless rechargeable capabilities. Also it will include 32GB of internal storage, 8MP back and 2MP front facing cameras and it will be LTE enabled.

The new YotaPhone 2 is rumored that it will run on Android KitKat which is little disappointing, but also gives a lot of plausibility. Because one of the struggle of the Russian engineers is to adapt the OS and more importantly – the apps to fulfill and use the possibilities of the e-ink display.

And this was the reason why the current YotaPhone when it was launched it used one version older Android. The screen rumors are also seems accurate.

The speculations about the higher price is also disturbing. Because if it comes true that means using two screens is become pretty expensive. The benefit of this feature is that the e-ink consumes very little energy and it can be used for notifications or when the battery is dead to power the main screen.

Plausibility for the tech specs – 75%

Plausibility for the higher price – 65%

Image Credit: YotaPhone

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